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Classic of the day: Lifesavas - Me

 This right here is from the classic LP from Lifesavas called 'Spirit In Stone' - it dropped in 2004 but it's as incredibly dope as ever. Give the fantastic tune a listen wether you know and love it or are a first time listener! This shit is good for you!


Classic of the day: Hot Chip - Keep Fallin'

Remember when Hot Chip was the buzz band of 2003?  Crazy.  We are very happy they've endured and released four incredible LPs, each one different and incredible.  But really, we will never ever get sick of the first one "Coming On Strong" that came out in 2004.  This tune, Keep Fallin' was never released as a single, but it has always stood out to us.  It's super funky and soulful and the lyrics are hilarious.  We think you should click play right now.