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Classic of the day: DJ D "Live Long And Prosper" with Abstract Rude & Bukue One

In 2000, DJ D released this now classic record, "The Worker's Union". It features a mindblowing narrative about hard work and being willing to endure from a legendary cast of characters. Over DJ D's spectacular, organic, gritty and beautiful production we were told stories by Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Bukue One, DK Toon, Awol One and more.
In today's classic of the day, we present to you the gigantic tune "Live Long And Prosper" with Abstract Rude and Bukue One. You're gonna love this.

3 extra dope tracks from Common's "Like Water For Chocolate" LP

Common's often overlooked but super dope and mostly Dilla/Questlove produced 2000 album "Like Water For Chocolate", is full of amazing tracks.  We have the whole album on heavy rotation today, but here are three of our favorite tunes right here.