Kölsch & Tiga: 'HAL'

Kölsch has just announced the second release from the IPSO label.  He's following a collaboration with Michael Mayer with a new single from the upcoming 002 EP with Tiga.  'HAL' is the track, a bright synth balanced with unpredictable percussion makes for a track that is really one of a kind.  'HAL' manages to be the type of track that isn't necessarily happy music, but almost instantly makes you feel good.  This is the ultimate new techno tune, and to top it all off there's more music from this duo on the way.  Get 'HAL' here


Photo of the day: Kali Uchis


Kali Uchis on the set of her new video for 'Dead To Me (Acoustic)', photograph by @Coughs.  Watch the video below!



Illingsworth ft. Open Mike Eagle: 'Pet Peeves'

Detroit's Illingsworth just dropped a new single called 'Pet Peeves' and announced the album You're No Fun.  The single features Open Mike Eagle and the two lyricists trade lists of pet peeves as the title implies.  The record is mostly an instrumental endeavour by the motor city producer, but it also features Illingsworth on the mic as well as Open Mike Eagle and Denmark Vessey.  Watch for it September 28th and preorder it here!



Kandle announces 'Holy Smoke' and debuts 'Child of Fate'

Kandle has all kinds of great new stuff for you to check out.  She's just announced her new album entitled Holy Smoke, and released the new single 'Child of Fate'.  The album is out September 28th, and will include a handful of tracks from the Damned If I Do EP including the huge track 'When My Body Breaks'.  'Child of Fate' fits right in with this ominous, dark, yet beautiful music, and yet it stands out in her catalogue.  She does something with her voice we've never heard before, and manages to stretch the very idea of the guitar solo into something wild and unpredictable.  The same words could be used to describe her music in a general sense.  We can't wait for Holy Smoke, and whatever else she comes up with like her recent appearance in Jack White's video for 'Corporation'.

Preorder Holy Smoke here and check out Damned If I Do here!

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alt-j: 'Deadcrush' ft. Danny Brown (Alchemist x Trooko Version)

 alt-j have just announced their new project REDUXER.  This is the follow up to their third record RELAXER, and in this version it features the band reimagining 11 tracks from the record with some incredible artists.  You might remember their performance of 'In Cold Blood' with Twin Shadow and Pusha T on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, that was the mysterious release of the first track from REDUXER.  Here comes the second single, 'Deadcrush' and it's the Alchemist x Trooko version featuring the one and only Danny Brown.  It's a brave re-intrepretation, and it really pays off.  You need to hear it to believe it, and it sure makes it seem like REDUXER is going to be one of the most innovative and collaborative albums of the year.

Listen below, and preorder it here



alt-J -  
REDUXER tracklisting
1. 3WW (feat. Little Simz) (OTG Version)
2. In Cold Blood (feat. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)
3. House Of The Rising Sun (feat. Tuka) (Tuka Version)
4. Hit Me Like That Snare (Jimi Charles Moody Version)
5. Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) (Alchemist x Trooko Version)
6. Adeline (feat. Paigey Cakey and Hex) (ADP Version)
7. Last Year (feat. GoldLink) (Terrace Martin Version)
8. Pleader (feat. PJ Sin Suela) (Trooko Version)
9. 3WW (feat. Lomepal) (Lomepal Version)
10. In Cold Blood (feat. Kontra K) (Kontra K Version)
11. Hit Me Like That Snare (feat. Rejjie Snow) (Rejjie Snow Version)


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