Must Listen: AUGUST 08 - Blood On My Hands feat. Awich

Red Bull Music brings you an unforgettable track by AUGUST 08.  This one sticks with you long after your first listen, but it also has a strangely familar vibe.  This is a really dope track that explores the darker sides of R&B and pop music, and that's why it's a must listen.  AUGUST 09 and Awich craft something the likes of which has not been heard before, and it's simply outstanding.  Take a listen below...
Get 'Blood On My Hands' here 

Caveboy - I Wonder (Official Audio)


Caveboy are awesome. Seriously awesome. 


This is something we've learned over the last few years, and as time passes it only becomes more and more true. We've had the good fortune of seeing their energetic live show a couple of times, and we couldn't be more pumped when we catch wind of more new and wonderful music from the mega talented trio out of Montreal. 


I Wonder is an uptempo jam that's not gonna get old for us anytime soon and we love it. However, we couldn't possibly explain it like the band does:


“I Wonder” is about questioning; it’s about the feeling of losing something you’ve been holding onto for so long. Suddenly realizing that you’re not the same as you were, that the story is over, you’re left to rebuild yourself but you don’t know where to start. Showing your truth to someone who can’t understand you, like so many growing pains, leaves you cold and lonely."

 - Caveboy xo



Stay connected to Caveboy:
Official audio for "I Wonder" by Caveboy Music
produced & mixed by Derek Hoffman
Mastered by Dan Weston
Photo by Kelly Jacob
Logo by Jessie Kravitz
Artwork by Lana Cooney

Jacques Greene ft. Cadence Weapon: 'Night Service' 

The Canadian duo of Jacques Greene and Cadence Weapon have teamed up for a new two part single.  They've balanced the dark and moody vibes of 'Night Service' with the laidback but upbeat 'Silencio'.  This duo have created something you won't find anywhere else, and we're pretty sure you're going to love it.  Check out both tracks below and get them here!

Photo of the Day: We The North

Kyle Lowry and the Larry O'Brien trophy during the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship parade.


Photo by Scott Mitchell


Banks: 'Look What You're Doing To Me' ft. Francis and the Lights

Banks is preparing to release her new album III on July 12.  Tickets for the supporting tour are already on sale, and it begins in Toronto in September.  Along with this news comes the new song 'Look What You're Doing To Me' featuring Francis and the Lights.  It's a dope follow up to the single 'Gimme' co-produced by one of our favourites Hudson Mohawke.  Check out 'Look What You're Doing To Me' below, get tickets for the III tour here, and preorder III here