Timberwood: Orientation


Timberwood is the number one new show we'd recommend, and for so many reasons.  The summer camp comedy has an incredibly talented cast, it's so sharp and well written you'll need to watch it again and again because you'll laugh through some of the jokes.  One of the main reasons to recommend Timberwood is that the pilot was independently funded by the people who made it.  They've made it their mission to share this incredible new show, and through that connection bring new episodes to life.

Watch Timberwood: Orientation below, and if you enjoy it as much as we do check out their fundraising campaign to make the rest of season one.  It's worth reading about how this great show started with creator Blake McWilliam and fellow writers AJ Vaage and Ian Fisher.  You can contribute a few bucks to help fund the rest of season one, or you can really get into and get yourself a spot on the show for the right price.  Either way this is a really cool way to bring a great story to the world.  So see for yourselves and show it to your friends!

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Vic Mensa presents 'Empathy'

Vic Mensa just dropped the new song 'Empathy', a confessional track set to dreamy, laidback production.  The song was released in response to recent controversy surround Mensa, and look back at his own past in contrast to his actions in the present.  Regardless of your opinion on recent events empathy is something the world needs more than ever, and this track is definitely worth taking a listen to.  


Brand new from U.N. Jefferson 'Testify'

 One of our instant favorite tunes of 2018, our pals at UN Jefferson have made an absolute anthem with 'Testify'. It's a gigantic, super funky track with so much energy we will probably never be able to wrap our heads around it. 'Testify' gets stuck in our heads for days at a time, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do:


The Desert presents 'Gone'

'Gone' is a tale of a love so powerful that it echoes long after it's been lost.  Gina Leonard's voice is equally haunting and beautiful, and stands out boldly on this track.  The beautiful piano is backed by powerful percussion and balanced with western style guitar that adds to that feeling of lonliness.   The Bristol band are gaining some major attention with this track, and rumour has it there's an EP on the way.  There's also a bunch of upcoming shows, check out those dates below. 


30th Oct - The Bullingdon, Oxford 
31st Oct - The Flapper, Birmingham
5th Nov - Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate 
6th Nov - The Prince Albert, Brighton 
14th Nov - The Social, London 
5th Dec - The Old Blue Last, London 
10th Dec - The Crofter’s Rights, Bristol 
11th Dec - Gwdihw Cafe Bar, Cardiff 
12th Dec - The Star Inn, Guildford 
21st Jan - The Castle Hotel, Manchester
22nd Jan - Santiagos, Leeds 
28th Jan - 81 Renshaw, Liverpool 



Photo of the day: The Legend DJ Quik in the Studio