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Tove Styrke - On the Low

A superstar in the making, Tove Styrke is a hit generating creative force, and "On The Low" is as good an example of that as we can possibly give you. Coming with a nice slow futuristic house vibe and some seriously wonderful vocals, this is one you're gonna be dancing to all summer and beyond:

Listen to "On The Low"
Listen to Tove Styrke's new album "Sway"
More from Tove Styrke: Say My Name:
Directed by: Lisa Hultengren
Co-directed by: Teodoro Johansson Beascoechea
Cinematographer: Teodoro Johansson Beascoechea

Photo of the day: Bonobo live at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Bonobo performing live at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario.  Photo by @yahohyah.  Watch for the review and more photos coming soon.  


Year & Years: 'All For You' 

'All For You' is the latest anthem from Years & Years, available on their upcoming album Palo Santo.  This one is an instant favourite, drawing you into the new world they've created for this record.  Palo Santo  promises to bring what you've always loved about the sound of Years & Years and their songwriting, but it's also unafraid to be adventurous. Get it here!


Clyde Guevara: 'Still Illin' 

Brooklyn rapper Clyde Guevara has one of the dopest new tracks we've heard in a while.  You'll find it on his debut album freeJAH, an incredible record dedicated to his brother.  Guevara is a brilliant lyricist, and he thrives on this dark and edgy beat that's somehow both classic and innovative.  Watch for freeJAH out on July 20th and check out more from Clyde Guevara here!


DJDS ft. Amber Mark & Vory: 'I Get By'

DJDS is back with a new video from their album Big Wave More Fire.  This time around it's the clip for 'I Get By' directed by Augustin Vita for the track that features Amber Mark and Vory.  This visual representation of the song is perfect, the desert setting somehow fits the vibe of the song impeccably.  Share in the very real joy of these people having the night of their lives, and get into the album here