SC Mira presents "Breaking My Skin"

 Get ready for this exceptionally cool new gem from WInnipeg band SC Mira - it's a an energetic and brutally honest tune called "Breaking My Skin" and the animated video is definitely a bold and awesome visual accompaniment. We're gonna check out the Keep Crawling EP at the link below and you should definitely do the same!



Listen to "Breaking My Skin" off the Keep Crawling EP now: Follow Sc Mira on Spotify: Listen on Apple Music - Follow Sc Mira: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


Photo of the day: The Missing Lynx


Gavin Froome: 'Sunsets' from #NTX20

Gavin Froome's 'Sunsets' was originally released in 2004, and now it's making a comeback on the sort of compilation that comes around once in a lifetime.  Vancouver's Nordic Trax is celebrating 20 years of releasing incredible house music, and 'Sunsets' is a definite highlight from their catalogue.  Luke McKeehan's influential label is collecting classics like this, unreleased music, and previously unheard remixes for what is sure to be a monumental collection.  Watch for it December 8th on Nordic Trax.


Sammy Bananas Presents: 'Gitcha Gitcha' ft. Bosco & LaDonnis

Sammy Bananas joined with Bosco and LaDonnis for his latest single 'Gitcha Gitcha' and it is really something special.  This new tune follows his collaboration with Bosco on 'Castles' for her album b.  After making a name for himself with some incredible house music, and saxaphone skills he's preparing to release an album sometime in 2018.  The sound of 'Gitcha Gitcha' is not exactly what we expected, but it's so dope the prospect of a full album to come is an exciting one!


Project Pablo presents 'Is It Dry?' + An Incredible Solid Steel Mix!

Project Pablo brings you a ton of new music.  First up is the single 'Is It Dry?' from the Hope You're Well EP and along with it we've got the latest Project Pablo Solid Steel mix.  The Vancouver born, Montreal based artist makes some of the most incredible, laidback dance music you can find.  His sense of musicality separates Project Pablo from the rest, putting him in a league of his own.  There's a definite feeling of dance music that is inspired by endless other sounds and styles.

Get Hope You're Well here!



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