Jessie Reyez presents: 'Body Count'

Jessie Reyez started off 2018 winning the Breakthrough Artist award at the Junos.  The same awards show where she took to the stage to perform 'Figures, A Reprise' with Daniel Caesar.  The latest from Jessie Reyez is 'Body Count', a song where she reminds the world to love who you want to.  She explores the idea that everyone should be equally able to embrace their sexuality, and not have to be modest.  Much like the Kiddo EP from 2017, this track makes a lasting impression instantly, and we can't get enough.


Long Branch share 'Rising Tide' 

Found The Setting Sun is the debut album from Long Branch, and it's coming May 25th. The album was recorded in 2016-2017 in sessions helmed by producer Gavin Brown.  It follows and expands on the sound from the 2015 single 'Lucky Me'/'Just In Case'.  The record is co-produced by Long Branch and Shaddy Roman.  'Rising Tide' gives that solid guitar sound you'll come to find is central to Long Branch, but the haunting elements that balance with it are an endless source of fascination.



Kandle presents 'Bender'

Kandle's music has always felt like a light in the darkness, but that takes on a whole new level in the new song 'Bender'.  If the title makes you think this will be a party jam about drinking and drugs, you'll find in fact it's quite the opposite.  This song is about a forced reliance on medication, and the toll it can take on the body and the mind.  The video is visually reminiscent of a classic horror film, and feels like the tiniest glimpse at how it must feel to dance on the edge of hysteria.  Kandle performs some kind of alchemy, taking the pain and transforming it into something powerful.  'Bender' is directed by Kat Webber, produced by John Agnello, and features Sam Goldberg.  Watch it below and be sure to get Damned If I Do on May 11.



Denmark Vessey: 'Sun Go Nova'

Denmark Vessey has always been a challenge to fully comprehend, and that's the case with most artists that are truly original.  With his new record Sun Go Nova he's done something we'd never expect.  This one is produced entirely by Earl Sweatshirt and Knxwledge.  A collaboration that evolved spontaneously from Earl proclaiming the greatness of Martin Lucid Dream, Denmark Vessey's 2015 album.  The album is chill, soulful, and full of those eccentric raps that will keep you playing them back over and over again.  Do yourself a favour and get this record. 



Tomas Barfod 'Family' Short Film & Baths Remix

Tomas Barfod's collaboration 'Family' with Jonas Smith comes from the album Paloma.  There's now a video for the track, and it goes far beyond what you expect from music videos, and instead presents itself as an emotionally powerful short film.  It will remind you of the importance our loved ones play in our lives through the story of a man who has lost his family, as well as his grip on reality.  The song is brilliant on its own, but in this case it's not always the focal point.  The creativity embodied in this video has to be seen to be believed, check it out below, and take a listen to the Baths remix of 'Family' as well...

Choreographed by Holly Blakey

Photographed by Stuart Winecoff

Production Design by Merlin Ortner

Edited by Ben Suenaga