Bobby Feeno: 'S.W.A.N.' ft. Xavier Omär

Bobby Feeno's latest single is way too cool to be real.  'S.W.A.N.' was just released and features Xavier Omär.  The jam is produced by Kelly Fitzgerald, Calvin Valentine & Sam Wish and it's the first single from Bobby Feeno's follow up to Flamingo & Koval released last spring.  A Late February is due out on June 14th, and this new release is shaping up to really be something special.  Bobby Feeno is immensely talented behind the mic, both musically and as the host of the outstanding podcast Now What?  He's one of the most insightful people you can listen to, in either medium.  The man is contuing to take his work to new levels with A Late February being released on Mass Appeal.  Check out 'S.W.A.N.' below, and pre-order A Late February here.

Whitney's New Song 'Giving Up'

Earlier today the Chicago band Whitney announced their upcoming follow up to Light Upon the Lake.  Their 2016 debut established the band as a unique new sound.  Forever Turned Around is the new album and 'Giving Up' is the lead single.  While it's evocative of evolution both personal and musical, it also delivers that sound we've grown to love from Whitney.  You can listen to the single below, preoder the album here and watch for it August 30th.

A L L I E presents "Hi-Lite" 


A few years ago we happened to catch A L L I E perform with Toronto's legendary mega soul tribute band The Big Sound alongside some of our other favorite Toronto musicians, and we were instantly fans for life. 


Since then we've seen a few wonderful shows and had the pleasure of absorbing her masterpiece debut album, Nightshade. If you ask us, A L L I E has made nothing but incredible songs, and this new one "Hi-Lite" is another perfect example. 


A L L I E is just awesome, do yourself a favor and check this out: 


Photographed by: Adeyemi Adegbesan

Styled by: Jess Mori

Makeup by: Rahnell Branton


Tongue Helmet present 'Sunstroke' + The Remix EP!


Long time friends and collaborators and megatalents Danny Miles and Timbuktu have joined forces as Tongue Helmet, and holy shit, is this ever something to be excited about.


Both coming from London, Ontario, Tongue Helmet are bringing some new goodness with that classic hip hop vibe. 'Sunstroke' is an audio and visual masterpiece, and we are going to be playing this one loud (and showing everyone we know this amazing video) until the end of time. 


You gotta see this:



And listen to this!



tw33ds: Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018)


Today we've got a new release from tw33ds, entitled Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018).  This collection brings together half a dozen tracks created over the span of a few years.  The untitled tracks that comprise this collection definitely lean to the darker side, and become quite ominous in a few places throughout the record. tw33ds embraces hip hop, trap and electronic music and creates music of such depth that it feels kind of strange to refer to the tracks by number.  Then again, this is about capturing the sound of an era, a part of the evolution of an artist, much like the album that the title pays homage to...

Check out Selected Ambien Twerks (2015-2018) below: