Turning pages

The classic moleskine notebook is a staple storage space for thoughts, ideas, brainstorms, pictures, scribbles, sketches, thumbnails and ramblings.  Internationally recognized and virtually indestructible, and still without digital replacement. Classic. 

Have a look at what James Jean does with his.

Aphex Twin: Windowlicker

This video requires a little time commitment, but it's classic discomfort is unmistakable.  Oh, and check out the animation of the original photo of the model and the final album cover.

Safe to say that all these years later, there's still nothing like it.


This is Aaron Horkey

Reading Juxtapoz' November issue, I discovered the art and outlook of Aaron Horkey for the first time.  There's no easy description for, so let this piece be your first clue.  Click here to check out some info from Juxtapoz on their new issue, curated by Pushead.  Follow Juxtapoz on twitter too!


New Andy's iLL remix!

That's where I know this song from!



Light Speed says Thank you!

Yahohyah has got a brand new mix for you.  Due to the overwhelming response to Light Speed on Facebook and Twitter we've got a brand new mix to say 'Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're far too kind.'.  Recorded live this morning, yahohyah and Danial Orchard Photos and Fingers on Blast want you to have this, free download.

Thank you.

We love you.

Track list:

01-Andy's iLL and MDMK: w.c.i.a.f.n. 
02-Dada Life: Happy Violence (CHPSMKS remix) 
03-Felix Cartal: the Riddler 
04-Herve: Together (Steve Smart and WestFunk remix) 
05-John Roman: Sala 
06-Lil' Wayne: 6 Foot, 7 Foot (DJ JWLS bootleg) 
07-Zombie Disco Squad: Eurovision 
08-The Party Squad: Murderer 
09-Crooker and Savage Skulls: Bust 'Em Up 
10-Dillon Francis and DJ Ammo: Westside! 
11-Axwell: I Found U 
12-The Toxic Avenger: The Fall (Switch remix) 
13-Richie Hawtin: 005 (Alex Under remix) 
14-DJ Sega: Everybody Handz Up 
15-Baobinga: Make It Drop 
16-Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team: Bassface 
17-DJ Dodger Stadium: Stadium Status 
18-SBTRKT: We Want War (SBTRKT remix) 
19-Rico Tubbs: Respect 
20-South Rakkas Crew and Serocee: So It Go (Mat the Alien remix) 
21-M'Black: Heartbreak (Bare Noize remix) 
22-Koreless: MTI 
23-Creep: Days (Deadboy remix) 
24-Brenmar: So High 
25-Schlachthofbronx: Steel Kazoo 
26-Zed's Dead: Rumble In The Jungle 
27-Major Lazer and The Party Squad: Original Don