Jeuce - As We Move (Kastle Remix) 


Flaming Lips Making of The Soft Bulletin Documentary

Pitchfork TV has given us a wonderful gift by piecing together the story of the creation of Flaming Lips' incredible album The Soft Bulletin.  If there's nothing on TV tonight, it's about an hour long, and it's definitely worth the watch.


Check it out HERE.




New Rustie + Theophilus London

Theophilus London and Rustie team up to bring you Last Night (Lvrs Anthem).  Click on that album art to get it from mediafire, and click on the homies' names to check them out on twitter!


James Jean: Back in Manila

Artist James Jean has recently been making public appearances in the Philipines, thanks in large part to Fully Booked.  To get a closer look at what that experience is like check out the blog 'The Art Of Oversharing' here.  Jean has done so much that may have caught your attention that listing it all is impossible but have a look at the experience of meeting the artist known for his cover art for such graphic novels as Fables (Vertigo) and Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse) among numerous other projects.


Jon Kwest: Last Don (New EP)

Just a few hours ago Jonny Kwest posted previews of 5 new tracks on his soundcloud page.  They comprise the Last Don EP that Kwest is releasing on Think2wice.  If you're into moombahton you should be familiar with Jonny Kwest and his prolific catalogue, and you should be excited for this release January 17th.  Have a listen to the Whistle (Omar Comin') and homage to a favorite character from the Wire.

The Whistle (Omar Comin) by Jon Kwest