Mindblowing Photography : Frank Hurley from The Great War

I just came across this on one of my favorite blogs The World's Best Ever, and had to repost it. 

These photos were taken by Frank Hurley, from World War I.  Hurley was known for putting himself in harm's way in order to attain honest, frightening, and dangerous images.  Looking at these images makes war seem a lot scarier and more real than we would usually like to acknowledge.  But nonetheless,  you have to look at them.



If you want to see the whole collection, it's over HERE.


Felix Cartal vs. Dire Disorder


Mexico's Dire Disorder has just dropped a remix of Felix Cartal's tune 'Love'.  The song itself is a little bit older, Felix Cartal has a new single out (Don't Turn On The Lights) and a new album coming soon.  Let this slow, darker take on 'Love' fill some listening time until then.   

Felix Cartal - Love (Dire Disorder MOOMBAHCORE remix) free Download by Dire.Disorder  

Check out Felix Cartal and Dire Disorder on twitter!


Cosmo: Boki and Met

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us welcome you to start of your week and ours at Fingers on Blast with a brand new tune from Boki and Met.  It's called Cosmo and they released it yesterday.  This is amazing.

Boki+Met - Cosmo (Original Mix) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Boki+Met

Last time we spoke with them, they dropped hints about an EP coming soon.  Check them out on Facebook and follow them on twitter: Boki and Met



VIDEO: Chad Vangaalen - Molten Light

So yeah, it's a little weird.  But hey, happy Sunday.  Check out more from the animal known as Chad Vangaalen over HERE. (It should also be noted that not only is Chad responsible for the song, but also creating the video.) Enjoy.


Ben's Song

Two Crown King is a band.  Cancer is a disease.  February 4th we'll see our friends do something really significant and inspiring in the fight against cancer.  They've got Stereo kid and Rob Dyer from Skate 4 Cancer in their corner, and on World Cancer Day they're releasing the song.  Watch for it, get it, and help get it out there.

Cancer is something that will effect nearly every human life in one way or another, and this is a pretty simple way to make a difference.  Tweet #benssong as we get closer to the 4th to let everyone know, and check out the video!  

The song will be available on iTunes!