KLLO with the new song 'Potential'

We've grown to love that balance of electronic pop and R & B influences in KLLO's music.  With this new song 'Potential' they embrace those elements, while giving us a song like none we've heard from them before.  'Potential' is emotional and bittersweet, and with it's laidback tempo it becomes the perfect slow jam.  The single follows their album Backwater and precedes their upcoming North American tour.  Get it now from Ghostly Intl. and check out the tour dates below!


Years & Years: 'If You're Over Me' 

Years & Years return with the first single from their upcoming album.  Palo Santo will be their second full length album, and single 'If You're Over Me' leads the way.  The song 'Sanctify' and their short film introduced us to the world of Palo Santo with the help of director Fred Rowson and stars Olly Alexander, Judi Dench and Vithaya Pansringar.  They've always been one of those groups that shifts directions slightly, just when you think you've got them figured out.  Watch for Palo Santo July 6th.


Towkio: 'Morning View' ft. SZA

Towkio has done it again with his latest video.  Following the groundbreaking video for 'The Overview Effect' where the Chicago artist dropped his album WWW from space.  It's hard not to get emotional watching such an innovator realize a dream that big.  In a similar way 'Morning View' is an emotional look at love at an impossible distance.  Both videos bring a feeling of universal love, potentially due to looking at Earth from space, where the borders are not visible and it is obvious that we are all one. 'Morning View' features SZA, another incredible innovative artist on the rise, and it truly is one of the shing moments in music today.

Get WWW here


Sevdaliza presents 'Humana'

Sevdaliza brings you 'Humana', and this beautiful song really should sound familiar by now.  This is Sevdalizas Portuguese rendition of 'Human', found on her 2017 breakout debut ISON.  This serves as a brilliant follow up to her EP The Calling and shows the enchanting soul she reveals with each song.  Few artists can make such a profound impression so quickly, take a listen to 'Humana' below and listen to ISON here, and The Calling here.


L'Orange & Solemn Brigham are Marlowe

Marlowe is the product of the collaboration between producer L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham.  This two makes a strong first impression with the song and video for 'Lost Arts'. It pairs a rugged lyricist with an innovative producer and the duo have cooked up a single with so much soul that we can't wait for more.  The 17 song self titled album is coming July 13th on Mello Music Group, and 'Lost Arts' has us convinced it's going to be worth the wait...  

Preorder Marlowe here