AlunaGeorge ft. Cautious Clay: 'Superior Emotion'

AlunaGeorge just released the new single 'Superior Emotion'.  It's an exciting new release, their collaboration with Brooklyn singer Cautious Clay, and the first track from their upcoming EP.  Their first new release in a while will be the Champagne Eyes, following 2013's Body Music and 2016's I Remember.  The balance of soulful vocals and electronic production makes for an enchanting combo.  As the duo of AlunaGeorge continue to grow and evolve their making more adventurous music, and collaborating with an evergrowing list of incredible musicians.  


Steven A. Clark's Incredible Song 'On And On'

Steven A. Clark worked with Boys Noize for his new single 'On And On' and it's going to make you feel like you've been transported to the 80's.  You can catch more of that vibe when the album Where Neon Goes To Die is released on Friday.  This music has a timeless feel because it incorporates modern sounds and techniques merged with those of some classics, and together these articulate Clark's vision of life's highs and lows set against the back drop of his home city of Miami.  He's breaking new ground, and making music that people can really connect to.  Get 'On And On' here!


VIDEO: Broods 'Peach'

Broods bring you an 80's throwback for their new video, and it's a perfect compliment to the pop anthem.  It's directed by Sam Kristofski and it's set on a vintage late night talk show but later involves some wildly creative animation.  The single was released back in August and it's infectious, and energetic, and you won't be able to get it out of your head.  Listen below and get 'Peach' here!



Say Lou Lou: 'Golden Child'

Say Lou Lou bring you the video for 'Golden Child' from their upcoming album Immortelle.  It's directed by Laura Gorun and Dmitiri Basil, and we'll leave it up to you to decide just what's going on in this surreal sci-fi clip.  The musical mastery and inventive songwriting is what really shines on this track, the twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey do what they do best, and following their album Lucid Dreaming is no easy task. Yet it's clearly one they'll handle with ease.  Watch for Immortelle coming soon, and get 'Golden Child' here!



Shad Drops The Dope New Track 'The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame Of Mind)'

Shad has just released the second track from his upcoming album A Short Story About War.  'The Fool, Pt. 3 (Frame Of Mind)' is a definite departure from the first single.  This one is produced by Kaytranada and it's a smooth, soulful track that has a hypnotic melody like no other.  Add that to Shad's verses that will have you pressing rewind in order to really get it you've got a compelling vibe and intriguing vocals. With 'The Fool, Pt. 1 (Get It Got It Good)' leading the way, and this track following close behind the album is ready to turn some heads when it's released October 26th.

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