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Bobby Feeno: 'S.W.A.N.' ft. Xavier Omär

Bobby Feeno's latest single is way too cool to be real.  'S.W.A.N.' was just released and features Xavier Omär.  The jam is produced by Kelly Fitzgerald, Calvin Valentine & Sam Wish and it's the first single from Bobby Feeno's follow up to Flamingo & Koval released last spring.  A Late February is due out on June 14th, and this new release is shaping up to really be something special.  Bobby Feeno is immensely talented behind the mic, both musically and as the host of the outstanding podcast Now What?  He's one of the most insightful people you can listen to, in either medium.  The man is contuing to take his work to new levels with A Late February being released on Mass Appeal.  Check out 'S.W.A.N.' below, and pre-order A Late February here.