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Premiere: Academy "Superlative" EP


It is with great joy that we bring you the worldwide premiere of Academy's bold new EP aptly titled "Superlative".  The Toronto producer goes to great efforts on this one to break away from the pack, and does so with great inventiveness and a unique approach to electronic music.  The entirety of the "Superlative" EP fits together seamlessly into one cohesive piece, and that's no accident.  There are elements of each track layered into each other, parts that provide a warning of what's to come later...

"Thane of Cawdor" drifts into your speakers like a breeze off the ocean, and the piano transforms itself from what sounds like an antique radio to a blissful melody.  The heavy percussion and beautiful voice compliment each other and make way for the deep bass that is pervasive throughout "Superlative".  "the ill(est) uminati" begins with drums of some intensity and evolves into a simple stomping breakbeat emphasized by that haunting piano on it's way to one of the EP's grimier moments.

"Fistful of Dollars" combines elements of modern pop music, electronic, and Y2K era hip hop before taking on a grunge influence near the end.  But that's the beauty of "Superlative", that change in "Fistful of Dollars" is the emergence of the infectious lead synth of "Vega", arguably the stand out on the whole project.  This is an artist unafraid to explore new territory, and unapologetically leaving limitations behind.  Academy has generously made this project available FREE for a limited time so download it today before it's too late.