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VIDEO: Illangelo ft. Phlo Finister 'Clockwork'


Lance Drake directed the monumental new video for Illangelo's 'Clockwork'.  The clip features Phlo Finister as we've never seen her before, and shows us a very barren, lonely future.  Where may people tire of the average music video, they'll be positively enthralled by this one.  Unable to look away, you'll be drawn in, fascinated, and kept in suspense.  What else could you expect from two artists so unorthodox and creative as Illangelo and Phlo Finister.  Initially the duo collaborated with the intention of contributing the track to a Bromance compilation.  

What happened instead is something far more exciting and inspiring.  Youthquaker is a new band, born of their sessions together and based upon the influences of 60's and 70's music and film, 90's trip hop, and the youth quake movement in 60's fashion.  'Projections' will be the first album, released in the form of several EPs, with volume 1 coming sometime this summer.  Get the single on iTunes.