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Thom Sonny Green - High Anxiety

This collection of warped, hypnotizing, vocal-free compositions is about to captivate you from start to finish. It's about to grab hold of you and leave a lasting impression. A positive beacon you know you can return to anytime you need it. It's going to drive you forward. It's going to make you even better.

Thom Sonny Green is clearly a brilliant musical mind. He's the drummer for Alt-J, (who we once thought we were too cool for. And then we saw them at Osheaga and we got it right away. So we try to never think that way about things.)

Anyways, Thom Sonny Green is a wizard. This project is nothing like Alt-J, except for that it's great music. He's gone off on his own path on this record into a (dare we say again) hypnotizing new direction. It's got a strong hip hop influence, but it's also extra dark and extra optimistic at the same time. At least for us.

You're going to want to play this the whole way through for maximum effect - so we won't bother telling which cuts are our favorites (they mostly all are).