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A Tribe Called Red 'We Are The Halluci Nation'


We have had the honor of seeing A Tribe Called Red a whole bunch of times by now. We have seen them evolve and grow and reach unspeakable heights of creativity.

Over the years, they have refined their sound to include a variety of influences - and they have created something so magnificent you will barely believe your ears. This is some of the most important music in a while, both sonically and socially.

One thing that has finally become blatantly clear lately is that many, many wrongs need to be righted when it comes to First Nations people and marginalized communities. A Tribe Called Red both calls attention to these vital issues and provides an inspiration for a younger generation who is literally up against the world.

Every song on this record is beyond gigantic. The first two tracks are the title track and 'R.E.D.' with Yaasin Bey and Narcy. It only gets more insane from there, if that's even possible. Features from Tanya Tagaq, Shad, Northern Voice and so many more help make this album extra special. Everyone put a lot into this - it's clear as day. This music matters.

Go here and get the album and see them live. This is brilliant, important music.