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Holy Fuck 'Bird Brains' EP

Toronto noise entities Holy Fuck are back with their second release in a few years. This one is called 'Bird Brains' and it's a mesmerizing four track adventure that will catch you off guard and carry you home in the most pleasant of manners.

It's percussion and bass heavy, which is extremely welcome to our ears, and this record has a slightly mre fine tuned vibe than some of their other incredible releases might. Whatever genre of music you think you prefer, Holy Fuck is here to take your finely selected preferences and toss them all up in the air. And what we mean by that is, it doesn't matter what else you like, you will like this. This band has gotten SO GOOD at doing something that literally no one else does. They have been known for recycling both gear and musical theory and turning them both into something beautiful and utterly unrecognizable. And if you've ever seen them do it live, you'll only be left uttering the most appropriate two words in the English language for this situation ... Holy. Fuck.

On this release the music itself has becoming seemingly more complex but stays so incredibly easy to enjoy. Songs like 'Raymond' are less of what we are used to from this quartet, but it's laid back, energy building vibe is extremely welcome to our ears, and will certainly become one of our all time favorites.

All in all, this is a must listen, and subsequently a must purchase. Also, seeing them live is a must. Holy Fuck are great at creating and providing music that will reward you a million times over to absorb. Treat yourself! Enjoy some 'Bird Brains'!





Shura: 'Nothing's Real'

From the first time we heard 'Touch' we could tell that there was something special about Shura.  From the opening notes of the album 'Nothing's Real' it's clear that this is a record like no other.  The title track is evocative of so many classic 80's tracks, but that element is perfectly balanced with a darker, electronic side that keeps you guessing as the album progresses. 

A few tracks in you'll start to understand the full spectrumof this record; 'What's It Gonna Be' is an uptempo, infectious groove, where 'Touch' follows it with a mellow, downtempo rhythm.  Whether energetic or laidback, these tracks maintain the magnetism of the groove throughout the record.  'Kidz 'N' Stuff' begins with only the vocal, and on it's own there's a tangible, hopeful element.  The balance of electronics and live instrumentation is perfectly captured on this song.  The song is evocative of the memories of the first time we heard the XX, with an ultra clean sound paired with the rawest emotion.

'(ii)' shares the details of a powerful love, the type one can never truly be prepared for.  There's something in there that it is so vital, so universal, and lends a strange comfort to memories that few things aside from music can unearth.  Throughout 'Nothing's Real' and repeated listens the music brings memories to mind that eventually fade, being replaced with a mild, calming optimism for the future. 

'Tongue Tied' is possibly the ultimate example of this.  Both comforting and encouraging at the same...

"Don't walk away wondering..."

Words to live by...

Shura bring that vitality to their live performances of this subtly powerful music.  'Make It Up' was potentially the most stunning track in that environment.  In the bold, brand new Rebel in Toronto that song was the finishing touch in the audience falling head over heels for Shura.

Listening to 'Nothing's Real' lets that happen again and again.



Dearly Beloved 'Admission'

We always love it when a movie, a book, an album, whatever it may be - just jumps right into it. Like that new Mad Max movie. You don't get a second to breathe, and it's better that way.

This new record from Toronto rock and roll wizards Dearly Beloved does just that and then some. It makes us question if we could even handle seeing them live, or if it would be pure sensory overload. 'Admission' is a no nonsense, loud and heavy record with a million layers of airtight percussion, gigantic basslines, tons of guitars and lots of great vocals. Everyone in this brilliant five piece slays on this album, which draws from all kinds of influences and is full of facemelter after facemelter.

This collection of tunes is going to appeal to rock and roll fans across the board. And we're willing to bet their live show is as legendary as we can imagine. We look forward to seeing faves from this record like 'Who Wants To Know' and 'Currents' on a yet to be announced tour that we hope is coming soon! Enjoy!




Hannah Georgas 'For Evelyn'

Regrettably, this is the first Hannah Georgas album we've taken the time to really absorb.

This is a huge oversight that must be corrected, but we can't dwell on that right now. Because we are here to discuss and celebrate the brilliant release that is 'For Evelyn'.

Released in June 2016 on Dine Alone Records, this is Hannah Georgas' third full length record. What's clear as day rom the jump is that Hannah is an exceptionally versatile and wonderfully talented musician, songwriter and vocalist. She tackles a variety of genres with ease and finesse, all while having her own iconic sound that definitely has the power to change popular music for the better.

We would love to see a documentary on the making of 'For Evelyn'. We would love to know the ideas behind these brilliant songs. 'Waste' is absolutely one of our favorite things of 2016, and 'Don't Go' is nothing short of magnificent. But it's clear that a ton of love and hard work went into making this record. There is no filler - just powerful music from start to finish.

 We can't wait to see Hannah Georgas live and will keep everyone updated on tourdates and everything else!


order now: http://hannahgeorgas.com


Megan Bonnell - Magnolia

You can usually decide if you love a piece of music in about five seconds. A lot of times, it requires a bunch of listens for you to really get hooked - but once in a while, you know right away.

This is most certainly the case for us when we press play on 'Magnolia', the new record from Toronto based musician Megan Bonnell. It's on Maple Music and it came out April 15th.

Immediately, Megan Bonnell reminds us of the great Sarah Harmer, who is absolutely amongst our all time favorites. She has an incredible voice and an uncanny ability to write engaging songs - we can absolutely promise you this album has nothing but great tracks from start to finish.

It is only a matter of time until Megan is blowing the roof off of festivals and stadiums. If she sticks with this, the sky is the limit. Songs like 'Golden Boy', 'Family' and 'Up And Away' are great examples of how ahead of her time she is, although as we said before, every song on Magnolia is exceptional.

 This is going to be the perfect soundtrack for your spring and summer. Learn a lot more, and buy this wonderful record right here.