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Maya Jane Coles 'Take Flight'

For an artist like Maya Jane Coles who writes, performs, and mixes her own music, even down to creating the artwork, it's tough predict what you'll find on her new releases.  With her second full length album Take Flight she's also released it on her own label I/AM/ME, and it's proven to be the perfect formula.  For an artist who began her career as part of She Is Danger, and later included the alterego Nocturnal Sunshine and been an innovative force in music from the very beginning, this album feels like a triumph.

Take Flight is comprised of 24 tracks, clocking in at nearly 2 hours.  That's not the only way in which it resembles Coles' legendary live sets and dj mixes.  The dark and moody elements are pervasive from the very beginning, and that should come as no surprise.  What might be a surprise is just how much Coles accomplishes in the course of this record. 

Your journey begins with 'Weak', one of the singles released prior to 'Take Flight'.  It's a beautifully written, extremely vulnerable song making it the perfect invitation into her world.  It's enchanting, thanks in part to starting off slow, something that you may not expect on the new album from an artist known for incredible house music.  'Weak' is complimented beautifully by 'Werk', another single found later in the album.  The pair show two sides of the music that Coles embraces on this project, and recently had a follow up release of incredible remixes on I/AM/ME.

'Bo Wint' and 'Old Jam' build on the emotional energy of 'Weak' and perfectly set up the title track.  It's at this point it feels like the album truly begins, that you can finally start to understand what you're experiencing.  'Take Flight' embraces the meditative side of house music, and uses that to draw you into the music.  As you delve further and further into the album, you start to realize that there is a delicate balance taking place.  Each track is almost like a chapter in a story, each is an essential piece of a much larger whole, but on their own there is so much to be admired about every one. 

There are so many tracks that will be perfect for dj sets all over the world.  'Trails' is a perfect example.  Just like 'Golden Days'.  From the darker beginnings of the record emerges an optimism in the sense that these aren't necessarily 'happy' songs, but they make you feel good.  'Pulse' feels a lot like a late night or early morning set from Coles as the album winds down and ends with 'Starlight'.  As you reach the conclusion of Take Flight it's pretty clear that there's a lot more going on here than you'd notice at first glance.

Maya Jane Coles has created one of the most incredible, and vitally unique albums by a dj/producer.  Take Flight is a glimpse at the evolution of an artist dedicated to every element of her craft.  It's significant in that it is a masterpiece from beginning to end where many artists known for djing release records that feel more like a collection of singles.  Take Flight is likely to help you do just that, albums like this can inspire you into embarking on something brand new.

You can listen below and buy/stream Take Flight here