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Njomza: 'Sad For You'

The song 'Sad For You' will catch you by surprise.  A closer listen to the EP of the same title and you'll find an artist that is pretty unpredictable, incredibly talented and who's music feels so real.  We discovered Njomza's voice just recently on the song 'Right Now' with Vindata and Alex Alex, a perfectly timed introduction with the release of 'Sad For You' on April 6th.

Calling the first track on this EP 'Intro' kind of undersells it's greatness.  It establishes quickly that this record is one of the finer points in modern pop music, and it emphasizes versatility.  'Intro' is a relaxed beginning with hazy guitars leading the way for that unforgettable voice.  The bass synth gives it a bit of an ominious feel, and the journey begins.  With ease the record begins on such a confident high note, and yet still it gets better.

The title track is reminiscent of those classic slow jams that can still get to you, but with a dreamy, minimal sound that puts Njomza's stunning voice at centre stage.  The sentiment is a familiar one, 'I'm sad for you, and you're bad for me' is a relatable sentiment, but it's never been captured like this.  'Poison' continues the theme of challenging relationships, and identifying the bad ones.  'Hear Me' treads into the world of indie synth pop, and manages to create a lasting impression within moments.

'Perfect Fit' is where the record starts to get a little weird, and it's absolutely perfect.  The ominous production, and the longing in the lyrics provides a complimentary feel to the previous few songs, and leads the way for 'Baggage' a song that feels like a classic 90's slow jam.  It's way too good to be true. 

'Sad For You' ends with the anthem 'Someone Like Me', a powerful piano driven jam that cannot be stopped.  It's one of the major reasons that this one will be climbing the pop charts and that Njomza is taking over.  She covers a lot of ground, and isn't afraid to create raw, emotional music.  'Sad For You' is perfect.

:( 4 u


Get 'Sad For You' here

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The Invisible 'Patience'


 We can all agree that the Ninja Tune seal of approval has always meant a lot when it comes to electronic music. That leaping stealth warrior icon has always been a symbol for innovative, smart, and engaging explorations in sound and rhythm. So naturally, when someone sends us anything associated with the label, we are quick to press play - and in this case to do so again and again.

The record, titled 'Patience' by the talented trio known as The Invisible requires anything but. In fact, it's inviting, uplifting music that would likely not only appeal to you, dear reader, but also you parents, your child's vice principal, the lady who works at that business you frequent, and so on. This record has a universal appeal, simply put. Calling it funk, or soul, or r&b would be missing out on a key element that makes this record so special. It has that feel. That thing that makes you remember why you love music in the first place. Because it will always surprise you.

This is the perfect soundtrack for your next romatic evening, your next dance party, your next yoga retreat, or your next group hang with everyone from your improv squadron. You will all love it - more and more each time in fact, and that, is a promise.

UPDATE! The magnificent Floating Points remix of 'Life's Dancers'

'Patience' Out Now -
Ninjashop / Stream / Download: http://theinvisible.lnk.to/patienceSo

'Patience' released 10th June 2016 via Ninja Tune.

Follow The Invisible -
Facebook: http://found.ee/theinvisible-fb
Twitter: http://found.ee/theinvisible-tw
Youtube: http://found.ee/theinvisible-yt
Instagram: http://found.ee/theinvisible-ig
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Mr. Lif, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo 'Terra Bella'


Mr. Lif is a gifted music maker. He is a skilled mc, at a level that is comparable to absolutely no one. We're not here to say who is the best MC, but Mr. Lif is talented far beyond many who usually make up that particular conversation.

That being said, hearing him collaborate on an entire album with Ayla Nereo - who has an absolutely stunning voice and a beautifully soulful presence on the record, and The Polish Ambassador, whose brilliant production makes this the instant classic that it is. We kid you not, 'Terra Bella' is absolutely spectacular.

The first three tracks vary so much from each other, but are so perfectly sequenced - and it continues for the rest of the album. There are nothing but fun, smart tracks on here that are so funky you won't be able to sit still.

Seriously, on every track - Mr. Lif is ON FIRE. Ayla Nereo is FLAWLESS. The Polish Ambassador is PERFECT. Zumbi from Zion I is on there, and his verse is absolutely out of this world. Chali 2na too! And yep, same thing - one of the best.

We can't let this record go under the radar. Click play. Listen to it, actually. And then put it on at a party. And then put it on while your studying or drawing or walking your dog or driving to Wyoming. Then tell some of your friends how great it is.

Tell them all! Go tell them about 'Terra Bella'!

They will thank you later.


Alana Yorke 'Dream Magic'


What a glorious thing it is, that we started this website, and people send us beautiful works of art like this one.

Alana Yorke, you are amazing.

Everyone else, we emplore you to get a hold of this album, and listen to it repeatedly. It will make sunny days so much brighter, we promise.

These songs seem simple, as they are predominantly composed of Yorke's lovely voice and subtle keys - but after you listen a few times, you'll realize how complex and wonderfully gigantic these compositions are. There are no dull moments, each song is as magnificent or moreso than the one that comes before it. And we can't emphasize enough, Alana Yorke's voice is pure magic. Pure love.

We would really love to see Alana Yorke at every festival this summer, and will definitely keep you updated on her schedule - as this creation and performance is something we should all be enjoying. It will make our lives better.

This is the point when we would tell you about stand out tracks. When honestly, they all are. There are only 7 songs on Dream Magic. There is no filler, nothing but beautifully written and magically performed, great music that we will keep with us forever.

Truly amazing.

Much more here.


PRFCT Storm 'Junky' EP

 Every once in a while someone comes along and changes the game. Folks like Skrillex, Four Tet, Diplo, Ryan Hemsworth, Cashmere Cat, and Jack Beats have all brought something different forward, and ever since then, things were never the same.

The second you press play on PRFCT Storm's 'Junky EP', you'll realize that this man is going to do just that. He brings forth an unprecented balance of soulful and bangin', light and dark, loud and subtle. All at once. This is a man who makes a track with elements from everywhere, and it goes far beyond DJ music, it will become the soundtrack to the most important moments of our lives. Although, any DJ who plays this would pretty much be a hero.

This is beautifully experimental and melodic beat music like the 'Junky EP'. In all honesty, we don't know what to call it.

What we will say for sure, is that if you listen to this closely, you will be exposing yourself to a new kind of art. A beautiful innovation in popular music. Something fresh, and exciting.

There are no stand out tracks because they are all stand out tracks.

Take this EP with you next time you hang out with your wonderful other half. Make them dinner, and tell them how great they are. Make some art to this music, something new - be inspired by it. Take it next time you go for a walk by the water, and use the time to think about everything.

Because that's what this is.

This is everything.


S/o to @astrokingphoenix for the vocals