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Shura: 'Nothing's Real'

From the first time we heard 'Touch' we could tell that there was something special about Shura.  From the opening notes of the album 'Nothing's Real' it's clear that this is a record like no other.  The title track is evocative of so many classic 80's tracks, but that element is perfectly balanced with a darker, electronic side that keeps you guessing as the album progresses. 

A few tracks in you'll start to understand the full spectrumof this record; 'What's It Gonna Be' is an uptempo, infectious groove, where 'Touch' follows it with a mellow, downtempo rhythm.  Whether energetic or laidback, these tracks maintain the magnetism of the groove throughout the record.  'Kidz 'N' Stuff' begins with only the vocal, and on it's own there's a tangible, hopeful element.  The balance of electronics and live instrumentation is perfectly captured on this song.  The song is evocative of the memories of the first time we heard the XX, with an ultra clean sound paired with the rawest emotion.

'(ii)' shares the details of a powerful love, the type one can never truly be prepared for.  There's something in there that it is so vital, so universal, and lends a strange comfort to memories that few things aside from music can unearth.  Throughout 'Nothing's Real' and repeated listens the music brings memories to mind that eventually fade, being replaced with a mild, calming optimism for the future. 

'Tongue Tied' is possibly the ultimate example of this.  Both comforting and encouraging at the same...

"Don't walk away wondering..."

Words to live by...

Shura bring that vitality to their live performances of this subtly powerful music.  'Make It Up' was potentially the most stunning track in that environment.  In the bold, brand new Rebel in Toronto that song was the finishing touch in the audience falling head over heels for Shura.

Listening to 'Nothing's Real' lets that happen again and again.