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Holy Fuck 'Bird Brains' EP

Toronto noise entities Holy Fuck are back with their second release in a few years. This one is called 'Bird Brains' and it's a mesmerizing four track adventure that will catch you off guard and carry you home in the most pleasant of manners.

It's percussion and bass heavy, which is extremely welcome to our ears, and this record has a slightly mre fine tuned vibe than some of their other incredible releases might. Whatever genre of music you think you prefer, Holy Fuck is here to take your finely selected preferences and toss them all up in the air. And what we mean by that is, it doesn't matter what else you like, you will like this. This band has gotten SO GOOD at doing something that literally no one else does. They have been known for recycling both gear and musical theory and turning them both into something beautiful and utterly unrecognizable. And if you've ever seen them do it live, you'll only be left uttering the most appropriate two words in the English language for this situation ... Holy. Fuck.

On this release the music itself has becoming seemingly more complex but stays so incredibly easy to enjoy. Songs like 'Raymond' are less of what we are used to from this quartet, but it's laid back, energy building vibe is extremely welcome to our ears, and will certainly become one of our all time favorites.

All in all, this is a must listen, and subsequently a must purchase. Also, seeing them live is a must. Holy Fuck are great at creating and providing music that will reward you a million times over to absorb. Treat yourself! Enjoy some 'Bird Brains'!





Wye Oak 'Tween'

Listening to this record is a moving experience. It's like a score for one of those movies that is so amazing it kind of changes the medium for you. Baltimore duo Wye Oak seem to be capable of creating album after album of groundbreaking experimental rock and roll music that is never anything short of beautiful. 'Tween' is the fifth record from the band, and it's a doozy.

One thing that makes a band a favorite is either the inability or the unwillingness to make the same album twice. Wye Oak has done something bizarre and unpredictable and fantastic like they always do. 'Better (For Esther)' is one of our favorite songs both from Wye Oak, and ever - it's a sonic journey that is loud and chaotic but also so relaxed and meditative.

This album is magnificent, and we definitely consider it to be amongst the best of this year and beyond. Wye Oak have never done anything that we didn't absolutely love and this is no exception. Enjoy it for yourself! Please! You will be so happy that you did!

From the album Tween, out now digitally on Merge Records. Vinyl / CD out August 5.
Digital: http://smarturl.it/WyeOakTween
Vinyl / CD: http://www.mergerecords.com/wye-oak-t...


Tancred's 'Out Of The Garden'


We love Tancred's voice. We love the energy. They make wonderful songs. 'Out Of The Garden' is absolutely a modern rock treasure. You'll see.

From the begin - literally as soon as you press play, it's like you're in the studio with them, or in the front row at a Tancred show. Listening to this music brings you incredibly close to it. You'll feel like you're almost a part of it - how many musicians and bands and albums can you honestly say that about?

Our guess is very few.

 These wonderful songs are all so beautifully written, there are zero filler tracks, and pretty much every moment we are treated to exceptionally loud, awesome guitars, loud, banging drums, and of course frontwoman Jess Abbott's unmistakably heart melting voice.  She has her sound locked down on this one. And we would be just as excited if this was a triple disc album. They have our full attention and then some.

 Tancred go hard on this one. And then they tone it down, and then bring it back up. There's a great range on this record, making it the perfect companion for hundreds of different activities! There are no songs we don't love on here, but if you're gonna skip right to one, make it 'Sell My Head' - holy shit, what an amazing track.

Hold on to this record, take it with you everywhere. You're gonna love it.

You can preorder the record here.



Brave Radar 'Lion Head'


We felt compelled to write a review for this record for three reasons:

1. The feel. We loved it. Instantly.

2. The perfect balance between sparse, brilliant indie rock instrumentation and magnificent vocals is reached and then some.

3. It reminds us a bit of Stereolab. And at other times Yo La Tengo, and a whole bunch of other incredible stuff that's awesome.

Coming out of Montreal, Brave Radar are led by Tessa Smith and Conor Prendergast. For about ten years now they have been running a wonderful label called Fixture Records, releasing great music from Homeshake and Dirty Beaches, to name a couple.

But this time around it's Brave Radar's turn. So get ready for winding basslines and loose, jangly drums and guitars that will have you hooked immediately - and once Smith and Prendergast's vocals hit you better look out! Because you are in for a treat, to put it very mildly.

We are gonna buy this record, and we think you should too.


Aloha - Little Windows Cut Right Through

This right here is the perfect way to treat yourself.

Aloha's 'Little Windows Cut Right Through' is brilliant, uptempo pop music with smart lyrics and catchy everything. They remind us a little bit of Miike Snow, which is about as high a compliment as we can give.

'Ocean Street' is a major stand out tune for us - but make no mistake, at ten tracks, this record is all killer and no filler. We can promise you that. But "Ocean Street' is a track we press play on again the second it's finished, and it will never get old.

This album is beautifully written, carefully thought out and wonderfully executed. Aloha is known for innovating and never making the same album twice - and if you've never heard them, we can pretty much promise you'll be in love by the end of this record.

Festivals need to be booking this band, we can only imagine how "Little Windows Cut Right Through' would translate on an outdoor stage. We are gonna go pick this one up as soon as we can, and we are definitely going to be seeing Aloha live right away.

09.22 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern
09.23 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
10.07 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel
10.08 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right