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Nocturnal Sunshine: 'Believe' Remix EP


How can a release that is so deeply rooted in darkness feel so light and so free?  Nocturnal Sunshine is the ominous alter ego of Maya Jane Coles, a household name to anyone who has a clue about dance music.  'Believe' might be a four song remix EP, but it plays like a cohesive, engaging journey from beginning to end. Pairing with like minded, similarly focused artists for the remixes doesn't hurt, but adds to the depth of the project without straying from it's roots.


The original version of 'Believe' features Chelu and is not what we'd normally expect from Maya Jane Coles, in fact it's quite the opposite.  'Believe' forces humans of the digital era to take a good long look in a very dark mirror, and those who do will learn so much if they are open to it.  The arrangement is a far cry from the techno we know and love from MJC, but instead slows things to a steady crawl, with an unmistakable groove.  Famed New Yorker Curses (aka Drop The Lime) takes the track towards an atmospheric techno sound, providing an epic arrangement for the ever-evolving track.  Hodgson leans away from the noisy creation of Curses, adding a synth that calls out with great longing, and leaves the bassline front and centre.


'Intergalactic' is the final track on 'Believe', where Nocturnal Sunshine sheds further light on unpredictable, unexpected, and previously unheard sounds.  Where some artists struggle to keep their fan base interested, Maya Jane Coles dives head first into new territory as Nocturnal Sunshine, and her devoted following is coming along as newcomers are drawn to the dark, mysterious sounds and reflective mood that the record creates.  Where some dance music feels inherently false and hollow, this record seems to be deeply rooted in the realities of our world, and yet remains hopeful, and introspective.  Nocturnal Sunshine's 'Believe' EP is simply more proof of what we already knew, this is one of the most vital artists of our time.



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