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Machinedrum 'Human Energy'

 Machinedrum is a brilliant creator. 'Human Energy' is a super fascinating collection of big fat tunes with insane drums, mindblowing bass and synths - and so many new directions you won't know what's what.

It's taken us more than a few months to be willing to write about this record - it's so dynamic and groundbreaking, it really deserved to be absorbed slowly and fully. It reminds us of our favorite art in any medium, in that it blows us away that a human person could have created this. 'Human Energy' couldn't be a more accurate title for a record that explores the distances of electronic music with more soul and originality than most could aspire for.

This album is our soundtrack for 2017 and beyond. It's perfect for work time, travel time, party time. Machinedrum has proven once again that he is making some of the best music out there. Timeless. Beautiful. Human Energy.

'Human Energy' Out Now - 
Ninjashop / Stream / Download: machinedrum.lnk.to/heSo

Follow Machinedrum:
Facebook: found.ee/machinedrum-fb
Twitter: found.ee/machinedrum-tw
Instagram: found.ee/machinedrum-ig
Soundcloud: found.ee/machinedrum-sc
Spotify: found.ee/machinedrum-sp


Astrocolor - Astrocolor EP

 The Victoria, BC collective have released a sonic adventure based on their namesake, and in the same way, it is full of creative experimentation and undeniable talent. For those like us who are just now hearing about Astrocolor, this is a perfect introduction - which is to say, these three tracks make for a perfect ep that is sure to have you both up and moving and yearning for the full length record slated for a 2017 release (both on Last Gang!).

As far as the music is concerned, expect uplifting, complex but undeniably easy to love and enjoy cosmic disco house funk goodness. You could play this at your cousin's wedding and everyone would lose their minds. You could play this at your TD Bank Christmas party and the place would go nuts. We would be willing to bet money on that.

This music is for everyone. So everyone should listen to it.

Astrocolor have a keen ability to blaze a new trail amongst a surplus of art and culture. What they are doing is both beautifully modern and gloriously traditional. It's simple, but it's full of complex layers at the same time. We will bother our friends to get into Astrocolor for the rest of our lives.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do!



The Invisible 'Patience'


 We can all agree that the Ninja Tune seal of approval has always meant a lot when it comes to electronic music. That leaping stealth warrior icon has always been a symbol for innovative, smart, and engaging explorations in sound and rhythm. So naturally, when someone sends us anything associated with the label, we are quick to press play - and in this case to do so again and again.

The record, titled 'Patience' by the talented trio known as The Invisible requires anything but. In fact, it's inviting, uplifting music that would likely not only appeal to you, dear reader, but also you parents, your child's vice principal, the lady who works at that business you frequent, and so on. This record has a universal appeal, simply put. Calling it funk, or soul, or r&b would be missing out on a key element that makes this record so special. It has that feel. That thing that makes you remember why you love music in the first place. Because it will always surprise you.

This is the perfect soundtrack for your next romatic evening, your next dance party, your next yoga retreat, or your next group hang with everyone from your improv squadron. You will all love it - more and more each time in fact, and that, is a promise.

UPDATE! The magnificent Floating Points remix of 'Life's Dancers'

'Patience' Out Now -
Ninjashop / Stream / Download: http://theinvisible.lnk.to/patienceSo

'Patience' released 10th June 2016 via Ninja Tune.

Follow The Invisible -
Facebook: http://found.ee/theinvisible-fb
Twitter: http://found.ee/theinvisible-tw
Youtube: http://found.ee/theinvisible-yt
Instagram: http://found.ee/theinvisible-ig
Soundcloud: http://found.ee/theinvisible-sc
Spotify: http://found.ee/theinvisible-sp


Jackmaster DJ-Kicks 

 This is just so exciting. Every time we get a DJ Kicks in our inbox we jump for joy - but sometimes we are so amped the anticipation is the real deal. Jackmaster is what they call a DJ's DJ. He's fucking awesome. His brain is an endless arsenal of tunes and tempos and ideas and routines and his ability to convert that into a life changing selection of seamlessly blended tracks is nothing short of world renowned.

His mix starts out with some leftfield ambient goodness to set the stage sonically, but before you know it he's off to the races. He plays a million different styles, and you don't even notice the changes because you are way too busy having a great time. Whether you're driving, biking, running, by the pool, working, making soup, whatever it is you're doing - you will get completely lost in this mix. And once you're done you won't be able to wait to play it again. And it's gonna be like that forever.

You're life will be different now. In the best way.

Another thing that makes this guy a master of his craft is that - he knows all of your favorite songs, even if you don't know them yet. You will find yourself scouring this tracklist, and trust us, it is FULL of wonderful selections.

Go here to grab it, and listen to the whole mix now!

Exclusive Music From Jackmaster - DJ-Kicks
Out 8th July on !K7
Order: K7.lnk.to/JackmasterDJKicksSo

For more info:


Heart/Dancer 'My Heart Is A Dancer'

 Swedish duo Heart/Dancer have made something exceptionally cool and awesome for the world with 'My Heart Is A Dancer'. They have crafted a sound that reminds us of some of our favorite things, but remains in a world of it's own.

They have an eery, chilled out sound that is somehow still upbeat and definitely extra catchy. It sounds like a big contradiction, but it works - think Young Galaxy mixed with The Xx. Be it their more uptempo pop tunes like "Waterfalls" or their more somber, brooding jams such as "The Void", this whole album is an intriguing listen that we definitely recommend.


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heartdancermusic

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/heartdancermusic

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/heart__dancer