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Holy Fuck 'Bird Brains' EP

Toronto noise entities Holy Fuck are back with their second release in a few years. This one is called 'Bird Brains' and it's a mesmerizing four track adventure that will catch you off guard and carry you home in the most pleasant of manners.

It's percussion and bass heavy, which is extremely welcome to our ears, and this record has a slightly mre fine tuned vibe than some of their other incredible releases might. Whatever genre of music you think you prefer, Holy Fuck is here to take your finely selected preferences and toss them all up in the air. And what we mean by that is, it doesn't matter what else you like, you will like this. This band has gotten SO GOOD at doing something that literally no one else does. They have been known for recycling both gear and musical theory and turning them both into something beautiful and utterly unrecognizable. And if you've ever seen them do it live, you'll only be left uttering the most appropriate two words in the English language for this situation ... Holy. Fuck.

On this release the music itself has becoming seemingly more complex but stays so incredibly easy to enjoy. Songs like 'Raymond' are less of what we are used to from this quartet, but it's laid back, energy building vibe is extremely welcome to our ears, and will certainly become one of our all time favorites.

All in all, this is a must listen, and subsequently a must purchase. Also, seeing them live is a must. Holy Fuck are great at creating and providing music that will reward you a million times over to absorb. Treat yourself! Enjoy some 'Bird Brains'!





Arkells 'Morning Report'

 We could write an epic tale about our love for Arkells, but we will try to keep this relatively brief, so you can get to listening to - in our opinions at least, an album which is easily in the top five best of 2016.

 In a lot of ways (except for how their songs sound), Arkells remind us of The Hip. They are hilarious and profound in the same sentence. They are super Canadian and celebrate it in a million ways. They make consistantly wonderful music and they are beyond fucking amazing live. While we are all so very sad to see The Tragically Hip play their last show, Arkells most certainly give us lots of hope for the future.

But, we are here to talk about 'Morning Report'. It's kind of like their last one 'High Noon' - as in, every song is a complete home run. It's jam packed with magnificent tunes that don't sound alike but sound just like Arkells. It's full of uptempo hits like 'Drake's Dad' and 'Private School' of course, but then there's some beautifully somber songs like 'Passenger Seat' and 'Come Back Home'.

We assure you that just like seeing this band live, this albums presents ZERO dull moments. This is a group of gents that absolutely love what they do, and we promise that it is so obvious when you listen, that you can't help but love them that much more for it.

Eight years ago we saw Arkells and Attack in Black in Medicine Hat with only four pals and the bands. This summer, Arkells played one of the most outrageously amazing and energetic sets of all of Wayhome Festival (to an absolutely MASSIVE crowd we might add). They have leveled up again and again - they were always great but they keep getting better.

This album is a MUST listen (and own). And you definitely need to see Arkells live. They really are the best.

Sept 3 - Calgary, AB @ X-FEST
Sept 4 - Edmonton, AB @ Sonic Boom Festival
Sept 9 - Niagara, ON @ Jackson Triggs
Sept 15 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
Sep 27- Champaign, IL @ The Accord*
Sep 28 - St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room*
Sep 29 - Maquoketa, IA @ Codfish*
Sep 30 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club*
Oct 01- Kalamazoo, MI @ Bell's Eccentric Cafe - Beer Garden*
Oct 20 - Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Oct 27 - Athens, GA @ The Georgia Theatre*
Oct 28 - Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theater*
Oct 29 - Morgantown, WV @ Mainstage*
Oct 30 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa*
Oct 31 - Wilmington, DE @ World Café Live @ The Queen*
Nov 02 - Albany, NY @ Upstate Concert Theater*
Nov 03 - Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt*
Nov 04 & 05 - Toronto, CA - Massey Hall**
Nov 11 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Bag
Nov 12 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Dec 9 & 10 - Buffalo, NY @  Town Ballroom
* w/ Frank Turner
**headlining w/ Frank Turner

Moon King 'Secret Life'

 Toronto duo Moon King have made something amazing. 'Secret Life' is a nine song journey of pure electronic pop rock greatness, and we are still attempting to wrap our heads around it. As we continue to do so, one thing we can do is assure you that you're gonna love it. It's impossible not to love.

Starting with the exceptional single 'Roswell', Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde have clearly found a perfect balance together. Wilde's vocals are so magnificent on the lead track that you will be instantly fiending to uncover the rest of 'Secret Life' - it will become instantly clear that you are in store for some absolutely wonderful music.

Most of the record is energetic and upbeat, and will have you up and bouncing around the room instantly. There's both a refined rock edge and a futuristic electronic element that blend so perfectly the entire time that it's tough to decide which genre you're listening to. But it doesn't matter, because it's just awesome music. It's everything you could want and more.

The title track chills things out ever so slightly, but the drums are still so insane and the music is so intricate that you won't be relaxing to this, not by a long shot. 'Impossible' reminds us of Warpaint and Wolf Alice and a bunch of our other favorite stuff, while living in a beautiful world all on it's own. Other great tracks include ALL OF THEM. This whole record reminds us why we love music so much. It can be so beautiful and life changing. Moon King are creators of beauty.

If you're waking up next to your favorite person on a Saturday, put this on and make some coffee. If you're walking your dog down by the river, play this. If you're driving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, listen to this wonderful record. And make sure to keep an eye on their live shows, we all need to go see them and support the hell out of Moon King so they can keep making us feel great about the world we live in.

Buy the record on Last Gang here!


Dirty Ghosts 'Cataract' EP

 This EP is better than most. By a lot. By design, we kind of just wish most artists would take their time and release an album, but sometimes the music is just so wonderful and we are ecstatic we get to enjoy it sooner. This is absolutely the case is with Dirty Ghosts most recent EP ' Cataract', which is out now on Last Gang Records.

 We love anything that even remotely reminds us of New Young Pony Club. And this wonderful trio definitely fits into that universe.  Powerful, awesome women making powerful, upbeat and infectious music, what's not to absolutely fucking love about this? Their brand of gritty fast dance rock is unparalleled in it's greatness, and we are here to tell the world.

 The album 'Let It Pretend' is out now and it's probably just amazing like this ep, but we haven't had the pleasure to enjoy it quite yet. But, based on how wonderful this record is WE CANNOT WAIT. The 'Cataract' EP is all killer no filler and will be super fun to listen to on the following occasions: Going for a run, writing a short mystery novel, playing video games with your best friend since grade 8, putting your suit on before you get married, riding a bicycle through the forest, driving to the country, and pretty much everything else. The Dirty Ghosts are a great fucking band.


7-Oct Denver,CO         Moes
8-Oct Lawrence,KS     Replay
9-Oct Chicago,IL         Empty Bottle (w/ Spray Paint)
10-Oct Detroit,MI       Lager House
11-Oct Toronto, ON     Danforth Music Hall (w/ DIIV, No Joy,Sunflower Bean)
13-Oct Ottawa,ON       Dominion
14-Oct Brooklyn,NY    Passenger (CMJ)
15-Oct New York, NY  Cake shop (NYCTaper CMJ Show)
16-Oct Brooklyn,NY    Baby’s All Right (Panache CMJ Show)
17-Oct New York,NY   Pianos (BirdDog CMJ Show)
18-Oct Philly,PA           Beautiful World Syndicate (w/ Residuels)
19-Oct Cleveland,OH  Beachland (w/ Obnox)
20-Oct Nashville,TN   The End (w/ Hans Condor)
21-Oct Memphis,TN    Hi Tone
22-Oct New Orleans,LA    Siberia
23-Oct Austin,TX         Hotel Vegas
24-Oct Denton,TX       Rubber Gloves
26-Oct Phoenix,AZ      Valley Bar
27-Oct LA, CA               Redwood Room (w/ Maniac)