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Wye Oak 'Tween'

Listening to this record is a moving experience. It's like a score for one of those movies that is so amazing it kind of changes the medium for you. Baltimore duo Wye Oak seem to be capable of creating album after album of groundbreaking experimental rock and roll music that is never anything short of beautiful. 'Tween' is the fifth record from the band, and it's a doozy.

One thing that makes a band a favorite is either the inability or the unwillingness to make the same album twice. Wye Oak has done something bizarre and unpredictable and fantastic like they always do. 'Better (For Esther)' is one of our favorite songs both from Wye Oak, and ever - it's a sonic journey that is loud and chaotic but also so relaxed and meditative.

This album is magnificent, and we definitely consider it to be amongst the best of this year and beyond. Wye Oak have never done anything that we didn't absolutely love and this is no exception. Enjoy it for yourself! Please! You will be so happy that you did!

From the album Tween, out now digitally on Merge Records. Vinyl / CD out August 5.
Digital: http://smarturl.it/WyeOakTween
Vinyl / CD: http://www.mergerecords.com/wye-oak-t...


Megan Bonnell - Magnolia

You can usually decide if you love a piece of music in about five seconds. A lot of times, it requires a bunch of listens for you to really get hooked - but once in a while, you know right away.

This is most certainly the case for us when we press play on 'Magnolia', the new record from Toronto based musician Megan Bonnell. It's on Maple Music and it came out April 15th.

Immediately, Megan Bonnell reminds us of the great Sarah Harmer, who is absolutely amongst our all time favorites. She has an incredible voice and an uncanny ability to write engaging songs - we can absolutely promise you this album has nothing but great tracks from start to finish.

It is only a matter of time until Megan is blowing the roof off of festivals and stadiums. If she sticks with this, the sky is the limit. Songs like 'Golden Boy', 'Family' and 'Up And Away' are great examples of how ahead of her time she is, although as we said before, every song on Magnolia is exceptional.

 This is going to be the perfect soundtrack for your spring and summer. Learn a lot more, and buy this wonderful record right here.


The Wainwright Sisters 'Songs In The Dark'


Here's the thing. You'll press play, or place your needle on this record, and right away you will be whisked away by two of the most beautiful voices in existence. This is a spiritual record, a collection of meaningful songs both to the performers and us, the listeners - and it has such a beautiful sound, you'll feel right at home instantly. In the best way.

Although from different mothers, Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche have a deep connection. They were brought up in musical homes, thanks in large part, of course their father Loudon Wainwright III. There is a sense of history in this record. Lullabies from their childhoods, reimaginings of game changing songs that soundtracked their lives growing up, and so much more. This record is a meaningful experience, and you will feel that. We promise.

When you listen to this record, you'll feel like you've hopped in a time machine, headed backwards a couple of decades to a simpler era. It's almost as if you're getting a glimpse of a warm, loving home where these exceptionally talented women first discovered their love of life and music.  It's something truly special that we can honestly say we've never experienced in an album before.

This is a great record. It's warm, inviting folk music with two of the most beautiful voices we can imagine. There is nothing to not love about this album. Go here to pick it up for yourself!


Alana Yorke 'Dream Magic'


What a glorious thing it is, that we started this website, and people send us beautiful works of art like this one.

Alana Yorke, you are amazing.

Everyone else, we emplore you to get a hold of this album, and listen to it repeatedly. It will make sunny days so much brighter, we promise.

These songs seem simple, as they are predominantly composed of Yorke's lovely voice and subtle keys - but after you listen a few times, you'll realize how complex and wonderfully gigantic these compositions are. There are no dull moments, each song is as magnificent or moreso than the one that comes before it. And we can't emphasize enough, Alana Yorke's voice is pure magic. Pure love.

We would really love to see Alana Yorke at every festival this summer, and will definitely keep you updated on her schedule - as this creation and performance is something we should all be enjoying. It will make our lives better.

This is the point when we would tell you about stand out tracks. When honestly, they all are. There are only 7 songs on Dream Magic. There is no filler, nothing but beautifully written and magically performed, great music that we will keep with us forever.

Truly amazing.

Much more here.


Greg Laswell - Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet

We just received this record in our inbox and of course, we were elated. Pleasantly surprised. Pumped for this new goodness.

We hadn't yet discovered Greg Laswell, but as soon as we pressed play we were overtaken by his exceptional talent as a songwriter, his raspy but incredible voice, and the sparse and magnetizing instrumentation that goes with each song.

It's a fascinating contrast between past and future, with lots of folk and soul elements, including sweeping string arrangements and beautiful pianos - layered with parts from the future like autotune and synthesized hi hats, among others.  The thing is, it works. It works beautifully.

The whole album is very cinematic, with a strong classical influence, and gigantic vocals. This is a wonderful accompaniment for taking a nap, going on an adventure, and everything in between.

You'll dig this right here if you love things that are incredible.

Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet is available now, via iTunes and Amazon.