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Njomza: 'Sad For You'

The song 'Sad For You' will catch you by surprise.  A closer listen to the EP of the same title and you'll find an artist that is pretty unpredictable, incredibly talented and who's music feels so real.  We discovered Njomza's voice just recently on the song 'Right Now' with Vindata and Alex Alex, a perfectly timed introduction with the release of 'Sad For You' on April 6th.

Calling the first track on this EP 'Intro' kind of undersells it's greatness.  It establishes quickly that this record is one of the finer points in modern pop music, and it emphasizes versatility.  'Intro' is a relaxed beginning with hazy guitars leading the way for that unforgettable voice.  The bass synth gives it a bit of an ominious feel, and the journey begins.  With ease the record begins on such a confident high note, and yet still it gets better.

The title track is reminiscent of those classic slow jams that can still get to you, but with a dreamy, minimal sound that puts Njomza's stunning voice at centre stage.  The sentiment is a familiar one, 'I'm sad for you, and you're bad for me' is a relatable sentiment, but it's never been captured like this.  'Poison' continues the theme of challenging relationships, and identifying the bad ones.  'Hear Me' treads into the world of indie synth pop, and manages to create a lasting impression within moments.

'Perfect Fit' is where the record starts to get a little weird, and it's absolutely perfect.  The ominous production, and the longing in the lyrics provides a complimentary feel to the previous few songs, and leads the way for 'Baggage' a song that feels like a classic 90's slow jam.  It's way too good to be true. 

'Sad For You' ends with the anthem 'Someone Like Me', a powerful piano driven jam that cannot be stopped.  It's one of the major reasons that this one will be climbing the pop charts and that Njomza is taking over.  She covers a lot of ground, and isn't afraid to create raw, emotional music.  'Sad For You' is perfect.

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Howard 'Please Recycle'



We pressed play. We were mesmerized. Howard Feibusch and his band, aptly named Howard released an LP last year, that everyone thought was awesome. And here they are again making even more fascinating, intelligent, and hypnotizing instrumental music. A lot has changed, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. And we mean that in the best way possible.

The world has changed a lot, but you can count on Howard to keep working, keep playing, keep recording. And to keep making the good shit that will soundtrack this insane and beautiful planet for you. You can hold them to it.

In fact, this EP is built with the reimagined pieces of last year's Religion LP. They've taken the stems, the bits, the elements, and the feeling behind that album, shattered it all into pieces and rebuilt it - using the whole animal to make something so magical you won't even believe. Enter the 'Please Recycle' ep.

It sounds to us like a band of like minded, eccentric and extra talented people joining forces to create something both sonically fascinating, and focusing on the feel. The element that makes people hear the music with their soul and not just their ears.

It's uptempo, it's layered, it's got a minimal vibe - but after each listen you'll realize how extremely complex these compositions are. We have so much respect for Howard.

This is fucking awesome.

Go to FLOOD Magazine to listen to the whole thing!

Howard online:


Kyirim "Mic Cheque" EP

Vancouver rapper Kyirim has a free EP for you and its fire.  The speed of Kyirim’s flow 
and delivery at times is overwhelming.  The EP has 4 tracks all produced by Young Devito (Feel 
and Think studios).  In “When am I gonna make it” he answers to himself that very question, 
warning himself not to get caught up in the fame and fortunes.  He also has an earful for the 
fans that always ask him that question and answers with “I’ll make it when you fuckin help me 
out, when you talk about me on every corner that you walk around”.  “Mystics” comes with the 
out of this world MC Myka 9 with the amazing flow and content that you would expect from 
the veteran Los Angeles based underground heavyweight and is matched pretty well by Kyirim.

“Good Morning Heartache” is the most fun, its tempo is danceable and the hook is sing-able 
and Kyirim’s flow and content remains impeccable and finishes with the line “feel all the love 
when you step up in the building”.  “Where I live” Features the West Coast MC Moka Only and 
Vancouver’s DJ K-Rec.   DJ K-Rec cuts Tupac’s “My Block” and KRS-ONE’s “Speech” among 
others, and the content contains the MC’s observations from within where they live.  If you’re a 
fan of smart hip hop with that old school sound with new ideas, this the jam for you.  You can 

DL the EP for free here