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Astrocolor - Astrocolor EP

 The Victoria, BC collective have released a sonic adventure based on their namesake, and in the same way, it is full of creative experimentation and undeniable talent. For those like us who are just now hearing about Astrocolor, this is a perfect introduction - which is to say, these three tracks make for a perfect ep that is sure to have you both up and moving and yearning for the full length record slated for a 2017 release (both on Last Gang!).

As far as the music is concerned, expect uplifting, complex but undeniably easy to love and enjoy cosmic disco house funk goodness. You could play this at your cousin's wedding and everyone would lose their minds. You could play this at your TD Bank Christmas party and the place would go nuts. We would be willing to bet money on that.

This music is for everyone. So everyone should listen to it.

Astrocolor have a keen ability to blaze a new trail amongst a surplus of art and culture. What they are doing is both beautifully modern and gloriously traditional. It's simple, but it's full of complex layers at the same time. We will bother our friends to get into Astrocolor for the rest of our lives.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do!


Spoon River "The New Sun Ahhhhh Hotel"


British Columbia's Spoon River led by Tavis Triance and his wife Rachel Horst have fried up some southern style psychedelic rock that you'll keep on repeat while you drive across the entire country.  At least that's what you'll want to do the minute you hit play on this one, especially when "Like A Dove" has a bass line like something from Booker T. and the MG's and uptempo drums and energy of "In The Parking Lots of The Swamp Museum" will have you thinking you're listening to a 12" straight outta the 60's.  

If there's one jam that'll make you wanna pullover cause it's touched you, it's surely "Learning to Love the Light". you're gonna wanna play this one on a hot sunny afternoon whenever we get one of those again.  "Spectres" personifies electricity as "the pretty sister the night can never know" and turns into quite a story I'll leave for you to listen to.  "Get On" will have you up and dancing while this mating call full of innuendo seduces you.  The acoustic ballad "The City Ain't My Friend" closes out the album beautifully as we picture a campfire, big trees, a full moon and a sky full of stars.  The New Sun AHHHH Hotel Review is out now on Tonic Records.