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Kllo: 'Backwater'

Ever since 2014's Cusp Kllo have been turning heads with that sound that seems like a dream.  Cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam later followed their debut with Well Worn, released last year.  Backwater is their first full length album, complete with songs written on the road and fully realized in Lam's studio.  The result is an album that reflects the duo's adjustment to a great deal of external change.  While change is something we all deal with, the added notoriety due to the success of Kllo adds a great deal more to the challenges of growing up.

Backwater begins with 'Downfall', one of the singles and also the recently released video.  The poignant clip gives the viewer a closer look at the duo.  As the journey winds down they stumble upon a burning sugar field.  The video and the song are poignant in that they reflect the change, and stepping forward in some new form, into a new chapter.  It's a breathtaking song that truly only begins to sink in after enough plays that it gets stuck in your head. 

Where Kllo's music has held a dreamlike quality since the beginning, with Backwater it evolves into something meditative.  Whether it's 'Still Motion' in your headphones or 'Virtue' in a dark club where you have no choice but to feel the music, it invites you to participate in something rare.  Alone, or in a crowd these songs feel like they're tailor made for the listener.  In sharing their challenging experiences and doing so with determination to create and thrive Kllo have made music that can provide the same desired effect for the listener.

'Last Yearn' captures a longing we've probably all felt, but can scarcely describe.  'By Your Side' is potentially the finest example of the musical chemistry the cousins share, with Lam's production and Kaul's voice fitting together so perfectly you can't always tell where one ends and the other begins.  Perhaps that's the beauty of Backwater, the music leads you to a meditative state, calm even when the songs are energetic.

Kllo have captured their evolution beautifully on the 12 songs comprising Backwater.  The album is a journey you'll want to take again and again.  Much like a dream the details may fade when it's over, but that elusiveness will only draw you back time and again.

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