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Good Trouble: Building A Successful Life & Business With Asperger's by Joe Biel

 Recently we were given a chance to read this new memoir from indie publishing guru Joe Biel (who prior to this we had never heard of). Right away it was clear we were in for a beautifully written and brutally honest story full of more downs than ups, and a man who would not give up. Joe Biel is a humble and fascinating personality. He works his ass off and will put everything on his own back if that's what it takes (sometimes to a fault). But he does what he has to do. And he has changed history, and given people a voice in the process.

The twist, of course, is that Joe has asperger's. And what makes the situation even more difficult, is that he didn't know that for most of his life. So not only were the odds stacked against him with an unspeakably tough life at home growing up, but he was always a step or two behind socially because of his undiagnosed condition. It makes for a painful, heartbreaking story, but a story that is not without beauty and hope and a guy who won't give up. No matter what.

Joe Biel started Microcosm publishing as a rebellious teen and never looked back. He made gigantic strides for the indie community and helped countless people realize that whatever they might be going through that is making them feel utterly alone - that couldn't be further from the truth. There is a community of people out there just like you, ready to support you.

Despite his shortcomings, that he outlines in excruicating and honest detail, Joe Biel has done a ton of good for the world. And he continues to do so. Seriously for all creative folks, anyone trying to do something they love, going up against the odds. This is a must read.

 Get yourself a copy and browse Microcosm's giant and awesome catalog here.