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Dodi Palese 'Brainscapes EP'


The second you press play you will be glad you did. This ep has an infectious energy that smacks you in the face the moment you begin; it will grab you, and it will never let go. The complexity of Dodi Palese's creations is actually quite mindblowing. Layers of lush electronic sound sweep in and out with a flawless precision, and your mind will be taken on a journey around the sun and back. This is techno. This is house. Whatever it is, this is magic.

Regardless of whether you know Dodi Palese or not, you will by this summer. His ability to create groove inducing dance music is uncanny, and the energy behind his beautifully structured 4/4 creations cannot be overlooked. The first track 'Brainscapes' is nothing short of a masterpiece and will have you hooked instantly. The ep goes on with stellar creations like 'Cells' and 'Bodyland', and each tune has us more and more ecstatic to vibe out with Dodi Palese.

These tracks are going to take over 2016 in a big way. Dodi Palese has a wonderful ability to make beautifully complex techno house vibes that contain the most important elements music can. The feel. The love. The soul.  This is fucking awesome.

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