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Copilots 'Sunstroke'

 This record is a slow burn.

And we mean that in the absolute best way possible.

There are only seven tracks on 'Sunstroke', a few of them coming in around the ten minute mark. So what we think you should do, is get this album, put on your headphones and find an ideal space to get lost in.

Go sit on the roof during sunset. Go for a hike and sit on a bench by the water. Sit down to do that work you've been putting off. Or just lie down and prepare to be taken far, far away.

Coming from Vancouver, the Copilots have been a long time coming. They've been friends for a lot of years and they have taken their time refining and perfecting their sound. And trust us, they have absolutely done that. Sometimes when we review an album we know it's great and we can write about it instantly. Other times, as is the case with 'Sunstroke', we have to sit with it, listen a bunch, and really absorb the music until we can tell anyone about it - even though we knew it was great right away too.

This album isn't a collection of pop hits. It's not a collection of folk ditties. It's an anthology of ambitious, timeless rock and roll music. There's an unmistakable grunge vibe, which we could go as far as to call a wall of sound. It's loud, it's raw, it's incredible. Press play below, and you'll get there.