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Beacon: Escapements

Beacon's 'Escapements' is a perfectly mellow, calm listen.  The patient, yet dynamic arrangements and the unpredictable songwriting create an atmosphere of possibility.  It's as though this album could go anywhere, do anything, and it would make sense.  'IM U' opens softly, the records beginnings showing you what it's made of, and just a glimpse of the depth.  

The true beauty of 'Escapements' is that it continually feels like a chance to escape, to dive deeper into something new and unexplored.  'Backbone' picks up the tempo from the album's opener, and makes it quite easy to get lost in this record.  The group has said they felt liberated approaching this record after touring relentlessly in support of 'The Ways We Separate'.  After taking that music all over, it became clear that they only had one place to put their focus.  That is upon what's next...

It's a fitting description for Beacon and their music.  The title comes from a mechanism used the function of clocks and watches.  Precise elements of machinery that allow time to be measured by exact measurements.  'Escapements' measures the progress of Beacon, and the listener will find it has the same effect for them.  As it draws to an end with 'You're Wondering', it comes as you try to understand what you've just experienced and what could possibly come next.  The truth is, we'll likely only fully grasp the greatness of this record when they are on to the next one in the years to come...

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