Plants and Animals 'Waltzed In From The Rumbling'


The thing that intrigues us right away about the newest Plants and Animals record is just how exceptional these three gentlemen have become at playing together. Their songs are getting more layered and complex - and they do one thing that all of our favorite bands do - refuse to make the same album twice.

'Stay' is a great example of just how out of this world Plants and Animals have become, and this is a band that has always been crazy good. We were first introduced to them at the Mod Club in Toronto as support for labelmate Patrick Watson in 2007.

They experiment, they get weird, they go to space and back. But they also make really powerful, lasting music that will stay with you, and potentially provide the soundtrack for some of the best things ever. They've become one of our absolute favorite bands over the years, you can pick up any record from their collection and be in the zone, no matter what you're doing.

'Waltzed In From The Rumbling' is a fantastic adventure with three guys who have created something profound and travelled the world together with it. They are an amazing rock band who blow our minds every time and make music that we will most certainly love for the rest of our lives.

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Kllo 'Well Worn' EP



Kllo made a beautiful collection of songs. They named it 'Well Worn' and released it on the legendary imprint Ghostly International.

What happens when you press play is something you won't be ready for. You'll be in the zone. Instantly. Their hypnotizing, soulful sound is a blend of a dozen genres and influences, and ultimately sounds like only Kllo could. But hey, just for fun - it reminds us of if Jacques Greene or Sbtrkt spent a week in the studio with Little Dragon or Andreya Triana.

'Well Worn' is a sonic journey through a variety of tempos and moods, but it remains very uplifting and optimistic - and of course has us on the edge of our seats for whatever they will come up with next. 'On My Name' is a brilliantly crafted fusion of dizzying drums, subtle but gigantic wobbly bass, perfect keys and mesmerizing vocals. It's truly one of the greatest tracks of 2016.

Kllo have certainly made their mark with these five brilliant tracks. Like we said before - anticipation is through the roof for whatever insanity will come after this. But until then, and forever - we will be loving this music right here.

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Band of Horses 'Why Are You OK'


We love Band of Horses.

The put it bluntly, they can almost do no wrong. After seeing them play as the sun went down at Lollapalooza in 2010 - we have been fans for life. And lucky for us they keep up their side of things by continuing to make magnificent, iconic, rock and roll music for the people. These guys have one of the most easy to love sounds out there - to the extent that we are pretty much gonna get into whatever they do.

'Why Are You OK' came out earlier this year and we feel compelled to write about it now, because - as with the rest of their records, after a few months it became our favorite. Don't get us wrong, we dug it right away - but spend a summer with a new Band of Horses record and get ready to have a new soundtrack for life.

We can't possibly pick stand out tracks for you, because we promise it just plays so beautifully from start to finish you won't want to skip a single note. Take this album to your friends birthday party (or better yet - buy it for them as a gift!), or take it camping, or on a road trip, or if you have a day off and need to cut the grass or take the bus to the library, or if you're sitting by the water just looking out. This album will be a fine companion, we can promise you that.

You're gonna love every single song.

"Why Are You OK" is out NOW.
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/WAYOK 
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Arkells 'Morning Report'

 We could write an epic tale about our love for Arkells, but we will try to keep this relatively brief, so you can get to listening to - in our opinions at least, an album which is easily in the top five best of 2016.

 In a lot of ways (except for how their songs sound), Arkells remind us of The Hip. They are hilarious and profound in the same sentence. They are super Canadian and celebrate it in a million ways. They make consistantly wonderful music and they are beyond fucking amazing live. While we are all so very sad to see The Tragically Hip play their last show, Arkells most certainly give us lots of hope for the future.

But, we are here to talk about 'Morning Report'. It's kind of like their last one 'High Noon' - as in, every song is a complete home run. It's jam packed with magnificent tunes that don't sound alike but sound just like Arkells. It's full of uptempo hits like 'Drake's Dad' and 'Private School' of course, but then there's some beautifully somber songs like 'Passenger Seat' and 'Come Back Home'.

We assure you that just like seeing this band live, this albums presents ZERO dull moments. This is a group of gents that absolutely love what they do, and we promise that it is so obvious when you listen, that you can't help but love them that much more for it.

Eight years ago we saw Arkells and Attack in Black in Medicine Hat with only four pals and the bands. This summer, Arkells played one of the most outrageously amazing and energetic sets of all of Wayhome Festival (to an absolutely MASSIVE crowd we might add). They have leveled up again and again - they were always great but they keep getting better.

This album is a MUST listen (and own). And you definitely need to see Arkells live. They really are the best.

Sept 3 - Calgary, AB @ X-FEST
Sept 4 - Edmonton, AB @ Sonic Boom Festival
Sept 9 - Niagara, ON @ Jackson Triggs
Sept 15 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
Sep 27- Champaign, IL @ The Accord*
Sep 28 - St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room*
Sep 29 - Maquoketa, IA @ Codfish*
Sep 30 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club*
Oct 01- Kalamazoo, MI @ Bell's Eccentric Cafe - Beer Garden*
Oct 20 - Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Oct 27 - Athens, GA @ The Georgia Theatre*
Oct 28 - Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theater*
Oct 29 - Morgantown, WV @ Mainstage*
Oct 30 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa*
Oct 31 - Wilmington, DE @ World Café Live @ The Queen*
Nov 02 - Albany, NY @ Upstate Concert Theater*
Nov 03 - Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt*
Nov 04 & 05 - Toronto, CA - Massey Hall**
Nov 11 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Bag
Nov 12 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Dec 9 & 10 - Buffalo, NY @  Town Ballroom
* w/ Frank Turner
**headlining w/ Frank Turner

Hannah Georgas 'For Evelyn'

Regrettably, this is the first Hannah Georgas album we've taken the time to really absorb.

This is a huge oversight that must be corrected, but we can't dwell on that right now. Because we are here to discuss and celebrate the brilliant release that is 'For Evelyn'.

Released in June 2016 on Dine Alone Records, this is Hannah Georgas' third full length record. What's clear as day rom the jump is that Hannah is an exceptionally versatile and wonderfully talented musician, songwriter and vocalist. She tackles a variety of genres with ease and finesse, all while having her own iconic sound that definitely has the power to change popular music for the better.

We would love to see a documentary on the making of 'For Evelyn'. We would love to know the ideas behind these brilliant songs. 'Waste' is absolutely one of our favorite things of 2016, and 'Don't Go' is nothing short of magnificent. But it's clear that a ton of love and hard work went into making this record. There is no filler - just powerful music from start to finish.

 We can't wait to see Hannah Georgas live and will keep everyone updated on tourdates and everything else!


order now: http://hannahgeorgas.com