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Slow Down Molasses - 100 % Sunshine


One our favorite bands are back with more incredible noise. Coming from the Canadian prairies, Slow Down Molasses have been at it for years - and in that time have crafted one of the most finely tuned, distorted and truly iconic sounds in Canadian music. Or anywhere for that matter.

'100% Sunshine' has a comforting familiarity to it, but not because we've heard anything like it, moreso because we got into it so instantly that it felt like we had been listening to it for years. 'Intentions' is a brooding, dark track that manages to be bursting with light at the same time. This album from start to finishes pulls off a stark contrast, and it's something that makes it more and more engaging and awesome each time we listen.

Slow Down Molasses creates a formidable wall of sound on this record, and one thing we can't help but notice is how the production is loose and clearly the band is great enough to play their parts without being over produced. They human element is ever present on songs like 'Moon Queen' but they always sound air tight.

This is a band that keeps growing and making more and more fascinating music. Their catalog is not one you would wanna miss, and '100% Sunshine' is the perfect place to start. Get into this record, you'll love it.


The Dead Love 'So Whatever'


What immediately drew us to this record is the nostalgic vibe that hit us head on, grabbed hold of us and didn't let go until the end of the last song.

This record could be the soundtrack to so many of our favorite movies from growing up like Mallrats or American Pie.

The Dead Love are from Sydney, Australia and they are known for being rock and roll monsters of the highest order. 'So Whatever' does nothing but reinforce this notion. They make noisy, catchy, airtight but also messy rock music that we can essentially promise you're gonna get into.

 'Summer' reminds us of growing up, being an awkward and self conscious teenager. This reminds us a little bit of Incubus mixed with Silverchair mixed with a bunch of other great stuff. It's an album we will listen to again and again. 'Friend' is easily one of our favorite songs of 2016, even though it feels like we have been jamming to it since 1996 (and we mean that in the best way).

This record is a homerun. The sophomore release from The Dead Love is a fantastic collection of tunes that we will be listening to forever. We can't wait. for more details 





A Tribe Called Red 'We Are The Halluci Nation'


We have had the honor of seeing A Tribe Called Red a whole bunch of times by now. We have seen them evolve and grow and reach unspeakable heights of creativity.

Over the years, they have refined their sound to include a variety of influences - and they have created something so magnificent you will barely believe your ears. This is some of the most important music in a while, both sonically and socially.

One thing that has finally become blatantly clear lately is that many, many wrongs need to be righted when it comes to First Nations people and marginalized communities. A Tribe Called Red both calls attention to these vital issues and provides an inspiration for a younger generation who is literally up against the world.

Every song on this record is beyond gigantic. The first two tracks are the title track and 'R.E.D.' with Yaasin Bey and Narcy. It only gets more insane from there, if that's even possible. Features from Tanya Tagaq, Shad, Northern Voice and so many more help make this album extra special. Everyone put a lot into this - it's clear as day. This music matters.

Go here and get the album and see them live. This is brilliant, important music.


Tancred's 'Out Of The Garden'


We love Tancred's voice. We love the energy. They make wonderful songs. 'Out Of The Garden' is absolutely a modern rock treasure. You'll see.

From the begin - literally as soon as you press play, it's like you're in the studio with them, or in the front row at a Tancred show. Listening to this music brings you incredibly close to it. You'll feel like you're almost a part of it - how many musicians and bands and albums can you honestly say that about?

Our guess is very few.

 These wonderful songs are all so beautifully written, there are zero filler tracks, and pretty much every moment we are treated to exceptionally loud, awesome guitars, loud, banging drums, and of course frontwoman Jess Abbott's unmistakably heart melting voice.  She has her sound locked down on this one. And we would be just as excited if this was a triple disc album. They have our full attention and then some.

 Tancred go hard on this one. And then they tone it down, and then bring it back up. There's a great range on this record, making it the perfect companion for hundreds of different activities! There are no songs we don't love on here, but if you're gonna skip right to one, make it 'Sell My Head' - holy shit, what an amazing track.

Hold on to this record, take it with you everywhere. You're gonna love it.

You can preorder the record here.



Plants and Animals 'Waltzed In From The Rumbling'


The thing that intrigues us right away about the newest Plants and Animals record is just how exceptional these three gentlemen have become at playing together. Their songs are getting more layered and complex - and they do one thing that all of our favorite bands do - refuse to make the same album twice.

'Stay' is a great example of just how out of this world Plants and Animals have become, and this is a band that has always been crazy good. We were first introduced to them at the Mod Club in Toronto as support for labelmate Patrick Watson in 2007.

They experiment, they get weird, they go to space and back. But they also make really powerful, lasting music that will stay with you, and potentially provide the soundtrack for some of the best things ever. They've become one of our absolute favorite bands over the years, you can pick up any record from their collection and be in the zone, no matter what you're doing.

'Waltzed In From The Rumbling' is a fantastic adventure with three guys who have created something profound and travelled the world together with it. They are an amazing rock band who blow our minds every time and make music that we will most certainly love for the rest of our lives.

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