The Sign Painters Documentary

When we caught wind that this was film was in production, we got our hopes up.  This is a documentary about a lost art, a culture filled with beautiful colours, perfect curves, eye catching letters and eccentric personalities. From the trailer, it's made clear that this is going to be an inspiring look at advertisings unsung heroes, and their beautiful work that commands your attention and creates a lasting impression on you.  

One thing we loved right away was the opening titles.  From the beginning and throughout, the titles are all hand painted, and add so much character and dimension to the film.   The subject matter is also part of the presentation, which makes for a very effective and engaging documentary.  

This film starts at the beginning, and interviews a number of sign painters, either still alive or still working.  Of course, the industry has seen a massive decline, due to the advent of vinyl sign printing and digital design.  The inspiring element are the artists and technicians who are still at it.  The ones who advocate sign painting as a much more aesthetically pleasing, much more effective method of advertising your business, are absolutely right in our opinion.  The history, and the current state of sign painting in America is a fascinating tale.

It's said during the film that when a vinyl sign has served its' purpose, it becomes trash.  When a hand painted sign has served its' purpose, it becomes art.  We, along with everyone involved in this film, prefer art.

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