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#83 Oliver Wickham






Style Wars Remastered

We were so pumped to get this one in the mail. The classic documentary that gives an insider look at the elements of hip hop in it's birthplace from all the way back in 1982.  There is so much incredible graffiti, bboying and mcing packed in to this film, but there is also so much history that often goes unrealized.  Hip hop heads, know your foundation, and make sure you see Style Wars.

The remastered version is isn't quite crystal clear but is without a doubt a vast improvement over our VHS days.  The days when one or two specialty shops in your town may have carried a graffiti video or two, maybe a bboy battle on video cassette and of course the essentials like Wild Style and Style Wars.  There is also a good few hours worth of bonus footage, much of it never before seen.  What self respecting hip hop head (or art enthusiast) wouldn't want to see that!?  

There are lots of veterans and true originators in Style Wars; from Case to Crazy Legs to Zephyr and a whole lot more.  It's an interesting look at a relatively brand new artform and culture, and the creative minds who were there to build a foundation. More credit is due to the young men and women who helped spawn this wonderful thing we call hip hop culture, and that is one of the reasons Style Wars is so important.  Check out the trailer below and order one for yourself here!


Meligrove Band "Bones of Things"

Thankfully, Toronto's Meligrove Band are back, which is great news for both long time fans and newcomers alike. The band appeared  on our radar in 2007 from the "friends in Bellwoods" complilation and have been affiliated with the likes of Joel Plaskett, Death From Above 1979, Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, The Arkells and more.  "Bones of Things" comes as their 5th full release and we can't get enough of it.  It begins with "Ichi Ni", a woman saying "Hello, konichiwa, let's start today's lesson" and the band going into an instrumental journey of happy, poppy melodic tones and upbeat drumbeats,  alongside occasional voiceivers throughout.  There's no real message in the song except to make you smile and feel good.
"Morning Owls" reminds us of great Canadian bands like Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene.  Darcy Rego keeps us guessing on a non-patterned snare beat and the occasional guitar bridge that reminds us of Vampire Weekend.  The chorus keeps us hooked with the lyrics "Old times, old times are getting old times, old times are getting old, in the light! In the light!". "I do" is a beautiful song about friendship where singer Jason Nunes begs the listener "Don't wait till I'm gone to tell me you love me, no crying at the sky above, come on now grab me and hug me and hold me there's no thing like your love".  In the chorus he then professes "I never had a friend before, no never had a friend like you, never had a friend quite like you". 
"Don't wanna say goodbye" makes us picture ourselves on a beach in California; possibly surfing on the last day of an amazing vacation while "Woof" has us as a dog in the dark of night barking at the moon until the light of day.  The album contains unforgettable song writing and experimental yet familiar and comforting sounds.  "Bones of things" is out now on "We Are Busy Bodies".



FABRICLIVE 79: Jimmy Edgar

The next in a legendary mix series, the one and only Jimmy Edgar has taken on Fabriclive.  We found ourselves lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the set, and we found it to be an seamlessly mixed and fascinating collection of tracks.  We put this one on in hopes to zone out and get some work done, and we were instantly in that zone. Jimmy Edgar sets the tone right away as a clever selector who seems to be influenced by some of dance music's most interesting movements; most noticeably (for us) being Detroit and Berlin techno.

Jimmy Edgar takes us on a journey through both modern dance music and his awesome catalog of productions. And while, the 72 minutes and change breezed by for us and ultimately inspired us to work without being distracted, we are sure that you could do anything with this album.  You could go for a bike ride, or walk your medium sized dog.  You could put your headphones on and meditate.  You could grab a paintbrush go wild. If you had some friends over, you could turn this up and make everyone's day that much better.  

One of the things we love about a great dj mix is you can just let go.  Surrender control of the music to them and go about your day.  When it's done right it gives you focus, it gets you in a groove and it keeps you moving.  This is a perfect example of a mix done right.  Jimmy Edgar is a master of his craft and Fabriclive 79 is a perfect time capsule that will continue to inspire us into the future.

Fabriclive 79 comes out January 9 and you can preorder it and listen to some of it here!

FABRICLIVE 79 Tracklisting:
01. Terrence Dixon - The Electric [6ONE6]
02. POL Style, Vin Sol & Matrixxman - Power Top [Unknown To The Unknown]
03. Patrice Scott - Raw Fusion [Sistrum] + L-Vis 1990 - Hard Drive [Night Slugs]
04. Crystal Bandito - Let It All Out [Ultramajic]
05. Truncate & Jimmy Edgar - Submission [Ultramajic]
06. Jimmy Edgar - Tik Tok [Ultramajic]
07. Crystal Bandito - EEEwalk [Ultramajic]
08. Jimmy Edgar - RS2000 [Ultramajic]
09. Crystal Bandito - Work It [Ultramajic]
10. Jimmy Edgar - Fern Portal [Ultramajic]
11. Jimmy Edgar feat. DJ Rashad - Walk Show [Ultramajic]
12. Crystal Bandito - Feel So Free [Ultramajic]
13. Danny Daze - Ready2Go [Omnidisc]
14. DJ Godfather & DJ Starski - Another Freaks [D.E.T. Only]
15. Crystal Bandito - Be With Me [Ultramajic]
16. Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 444 (Side A) [Uranus]
17. Jimmy Edgar - Atlantiz [Ultramajic]
18. Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 333 (Side B) [Uranus]

Luke Morris "Sugarcane Road"



These days there is no shortage of talent coming out of Australia and Luke Morris is no exception.  Coming out of Port Lincoln on Australia’s West Coast, Luke Morris drew inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver while travelling with his family through Europe.  In 2012 he decided to quit his job, buy a car and become a full time travelling musician.  “Sugarcane Road” comes as his debut album with the help of Engineer/Producer Jordan Power (Xavier Rudd, Angus Stone, MT Warning) and it is magical.  Luke’s voice immediately reminds us of Austin, Texas’ Ben Kweller, the instrumental work in "Leave” sounds very much like Canadian folk rock in the best way possible.  


“Skinny Legs” is an absolutely adorable song.  With repetitive melodic guitar scales and lyrics referring to a warm kiss in the rain and lights captured in frame this is a love song you won’t want to miss, eventually some hypnotic drum work from Grant Gerathy (John Butler Trio) takes over and you won’t look away.  In “I don’t know part 1” and “I don’t know part 2” we definitely hear the Nick Drake influence, the melodic guitar work and hypnotic vocals are the main focus and in part 2 the heartbeat sound of the bass drum really shines through.  With winter quickly approaching “Days of Grey” and “Warm Winter” will surely have you comforted while “Lessons” will have you feeling remorse from mistakes in the past while shedding light on the fact that lessons can be learned.  This is one passionate album you don’t wanna miss out on.  Be sure to get this on iTunes ASAP.





Willie Mason "Carry On"

If we could only use two words to describe Willie Mason’s Carry On they would be “Lyrically 
Stunning”. The 29 year old son of song writers Jemima James and Michael Mason exerts infinite wisdom 
all the way through, beginning with the lyrics “What is this?  Evergreens are dying, are they even trying.  
What is this?  All the money’s dying is it worth trying” with a voice eerily similar to a cross between 
Johnny Cash with a higher voice, and an older Colin Hay.  

We were unfamiliar with Willie Mason before listening to this, but after we read the musical experience 
on his resume we understood why it was so good.  Carry On certainly explores different sounds and 
genres for example:  “Talk me down” and “Restless Fugitive” almost have a sound of old dub in the 
beginning while on “Carry On” and “Show Me The Way To Go Home” his guitar has a very 
blues/grassroots feel to it and we suspect it could be tuned in drop D, but that’s our best guess.  
“Into tomorrow” is a ray of sunshine with a certain sense of hope for the future singing “forget about 
the past, shut your eyes and hope this lasts and let out all the demons from your face”.  If there’s any 
song that’s worth a campfire sing along, surely it’s “I Got Gold” where he belts out “I Got Gold 
underneath the ground”.  “Painted Glass” and “Shadows in the DK” have more synthetic sounds then 
the rest of the album but for the most part is organic.

The album closes with “If It’s The End” which certainly has the most addictive guitar strumming pattern 
and a balancing and grounding chorus “If it’s the end, it’s not the only end, let it begin, let it unfold 
again”.  We leave this with one final word:  MORE!!!