Fingers on Blast began in early 2010 as a dj mix series.   Starting with the co-founders, dj's were invited to combine 2 hours of their favourites, their sources of inspiration, and music that deserves attention.  In the years that followed those ideas have remained central to everything we do, something that has proven vital as that list grows.

The goal is simple; shed whatever light you can on what makes you happy, inspires you, lifts you up, makes you think, cry, smile, laugh, or want to tell your friends about.  Over the years that meant taking a camera to shows, interviewing some of our musical heroes, and eventually creating a blog as a source of music, art, film, photography, and comedy, both old and new.

There's one thing we have learned for a certainty over the years; inspiration is everywhere for those with eyes to see it, and ears to hear it.  In this day and age the flow of information can be overwhelming, and so we have created a channel that embodies everything that we have searched for.

Thanks so much to everyone who makes this a thing and has contributed in any way.  We are:  Andrew Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Ian Thomson, James McIntosh, Chris Scott Reese, Kyle Bryan, Devin Hawley, Ashley Wilson, Peggy Ly, Mike Miller, Andres Soissa, Mary Belzer, Desiree Gamotin, Matt Munro, Colin Woods, Deydra Baptiste and more.