Kandle: 'When My Body Breaks'

We knew there was new music in the works from Kandle, but we weren't ready for this.  'When My Body Breaks' was released earlier today and it's a stunning return from one of the most enchanting voices in music.  'When My Body Breaks' also features and incredible lineup of guest musicians, but it's certainly best described by Kandle herself:

"When My Body Breaks is a somber drifters tale written on the road. A verse on a stormy highway, a chorus in a neon lit super 8 between towns, a bridge in a dive bar waiting to play for 50 bucks and a drink ticket. From an anxious kid with a strange name moving from town to town, to a grown, wandering nomad - serenading strangers in search of the home I’ve never found, there’s an underlying haze of beauty in solitude."

The unmistakeable voice of July Talk's Peter Dreimanis is a perfect compliment to Kandle's.  They're joined by frequent collaborator Sam Goldberg of Broken Social Scene and drummer Josh Trager of the Sam Roberts band. 

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Coastwest Unrest present 'The Mainstream'!

 We're hooked on this slow burning jam from Coastwest Unrest called 'The Mainstream'. Comprised of two brothers out of Las Vegas, they've created a sound that's polished and gritty at the same time, and they have a keen ability for writing music that will hook you right away.

Give this a listen:


Busdriver presents "Gush"

 One of our absolute favorite artists, the legendary MC and creator known as Busdriver is back with a new one.

Busdriver is an example of how incredible music can be when artists push back, and take their own direction. "Gush" is a perfect example of why everyone loves Busdriver.

Listen to this:

mastered by Zeroh

artwork by Nora Martin-Hall


Lando Chill & The Lasso: 'yo luv' 

Lando Chill and the Lasso deliver a new single on Mello Music Group.  They're a home for incredible hip hop music, and 'yo luv' is certainly no different.  'yo luv' comes from māyā. maia. mayui, the upcoming EP from this duo.  This is a new sound with a classic soul feeling.  It makes for some excitement towards that new release, especially when you take a listen to 'Fck W/ Me'.


Nightwave - Sanctuary (EP out 02/02 on Fool's Gold)

 This track from Nightwave is absolutely brilliant, a barrage of lightning speed, razor sharp goodness that has us up and moving whether we were in the mood to or not. Nightwave is seriously great live, so make sure you check her out whenever you can, and make sure you listen and enjoy and support this new collection of tracks out soon. In the meantime, listen to this: