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#83 Oliver Wickham






Salt Cathedral 'No Love'

'No Love' is a brilliant introduction to Salt Cathedral.  The duo draws on their Colombian roots for a track that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.  The key to 'No Love' is in the vibrant sounds that grace this infectious rhythm and give you a glimpse at their upcoming album.  Ultra Records is home to this big single and after tearing up SXSW the world is ready to heard what they've got next...

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Sango Presents: 'In The Comfort Of'

Sango has just released a new album, and it's hard to explain just how great it is...  In The Comfort Of is a seventeen track masterpiece that features some of the coolest music we've heard from Sango and some of the most exciting special guests you could imagine.  Joined by JMSN, Ryan Ashley, Jesse Boykins III, Xavier Omar, and James Vincent McMorrow to name a few, Sango creates a world you can join temporarily, one a step or two away from this one.  Press play on this album below, and get it here!


Oddnesse - "Are You Down" 

 From in moment this infectious bassline begins, we found ourselves hooked permanently on this dreamy new tune from Oddnesse. Make sure you give this gem a listen, and keep an eye out here for more awesome music from Oddnesse!


Mr. Mitch Presents: 'Creep' 

Mr. Mitch brings you his new single in 2 different forms.  His latest release is 'Creep' (Take You Home), and the release on Gobstopper Records is his first since the release of his second album Devout.  The song echoes the same line throughout, in efforts to make a comment on mens' attitudes towards women and how relentless they can be in their pursuit.  Give it a listen and see for yourself...


Calvin Valentine's 'Plush Seats'

If you're unfamiliar with Calvin Valetine this is the introduction you need.  If you've been in the know about one of the dopest producers in hip hop, this is just the thing you've been waiting for.  Plush Seats is here, 20 beats that are way too good to pass up.  Whether you're home alone, driving, or partying this album knocks.  It's pretty much and instant classic.  Get it here.